Silverback Chrome Stick: Initial Impressions

The Silverback Chrome prior to skating with it for the first time earlier this week.

The newest stick I’ve had the opportunity to use for review is the Chrome composite stick from Silverback Hockey. Their mission is to provide the best quality hockey sticks for players of all ages and to have the best, strongest, goalie destroying goalie stick ever constructed. From the first couple of times using this stick, they are well on their way. Check out the initial impressions of the Chrome, where we lay out the specifications and features. Check back after a few weeks of first hand, in-game use for a more in-depth review.

Stick: Silverback Chrome

Weight: 428 grams

Curve Specs: Columbus Curve/5.5 Lie/Mid Curve Depth/1/2″ Curve Depth/Neutral Face Angle/Round Toe

Similar To: Easton Iginla/Bauer Lindros/TPS Messier/Warrior Draper

Shaft Style: Matte finish with Grip

Flex: 90 (Also available in 80 and 105 Flex)

Price: $150 at Silverback Hockey


The stick has a white base with blue and gray  writing along the middle of the shaft. The bottom half of the stick has blue and gray trim before turning to black at the blade. The middle of the shaft features the “Gorilla Skin” grip texture that is designed to provide the same consistent grip for your bottom hand. The gripped area of the stick is 25″ long and encompasses the entire “SILVERBACK” word mark as seen in the photo above. The finish is smooth just like the rest of the stick. Most companies have been going with dark colors and a matte finish. This stick uses uses a color combination not commonly seen which I like a lot. It speaks volume with the white/blue/gray color but it doesn’t have the visual noise seen here.

For those who have read our reviews in the past, it feels exactly like the BattleAxe BX7 stick we reviewed last year. I still play with the BX7 and outside the differences in name and curve it feels exactly the same.


Along with the Gorilla Grip, Silverback prides their stick on Gorilla Armor. Gorilla Armor features 100% Toray Industries Carbon construction throughout the stick, delivering some of the same technology seen in sticks made by major manufacturers.  The low-kick flex point provides the shooter with consistency in any shooting situation.

One feature I like is the Silverback wordmark is in white on the forehand side and blue on the backhand side. There is no mention of country origin on the stick. With the shaft, it is concave on all four walls for extra grip. I like the concave walls because while playing with the stick, it feels more stable and stronger while taking harder shots.


This stick feels very balanced in my hands. The first time I used this stick I noticed how light it is. I know they make sticks lighter than 428g, but at 62″ this is the lightest stick I have ever played with. Handling the puck up and down the rink isn’t a problem. I was even able to cradle it while coming in and out of the corner without losing the puck. The low kick-point meant my slap shot went significantly lower (just under the crossbar versus sailing above the net from the point). This stick is ideal for both defensemen and forwards.

Ending Notes:

Overall, I’m looking forward to using this stick more and writing more reviews on it. It’s going to take another skate or two to become comfortable with the curve as it has a more neutral face than the BX7 I used prior to receiving this stick. I became more confident as I was able to fire a couple slap shots inside the crossbar during warm-ups of our weekly inline skate last week. Because of the length, I am not sure if I am going to cut 1.5 to 2 inches off the top like I did with my previous stick. I’ll make that determination after using it a few more times.

Check back in a few weeks when this stick has seen more in-game action. For more information on this or any of the gear Silverback has in their arsenal, check out their website.





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