Warrior Bonafide X Hockey Gloves

Warrior is planning a bit of an overhaul on some of their gloves this Spring. One of the overhauls we can expect will be on the Bonafide glove, which will now be known as the Warrior Bonafide X hockey gloves. The Bonafide X gloves will continue to be a 4-roll style glove, matching the pro type look with a higher volume glove. Warrior will move away from the full leather shell look we saw on the Bonafide glove, and will instead feature a combination of tufftek, leather and carbon materials on the outer shell.

In terms of protection, the Bonafide X gloves will feature Warrior’s new compression molded bone system for advanced backhand protection. The bone system features high-density plastic caps which are specially designed to follow the bone structure in the hand. It will also contain tri-lam internal foams for additional protection. The tri-lam foams contain a layer for absorbing impact energy, a layer for dispersing energy, and a final layer for absorbing and providing comfort.

The Warrior Bonafide X gloves will have a clarino authentic pro palm, as well as clarino gussets, for a supple and comfortable feel. The clarino palm is multi-layered in high wear areas of the palm for increased durability as well as enhanced grip. “The palm is focused on fit, feel and maximum durability,” according to Warrior.

Inside the glove, Warrior will now be including their silver shield liner which had previously been reserved for their top level gloves. The silver shield lining helps control and fight against odor, while also wicking away moisture and keeping the gloves dry.

Check out the Warrior Bonafide X hockey gloves below and let us know what you think!

Warrior Bonafide X Hockey Gloves
Warrior Bonafide X Hockey Gloves


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    How much are they going to cost?

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