Dekree DC300 hockey stick review

A few weeks back, Dekree Hockey, a small hockey gear manufacturer based out of Canada, sent us their DC300 premium one-piece hockey stick to test and review. According to their website, the DC300 has been in production since 2008 with the goal to provide, “adult hockey players with the highest quality sticks in the industry for substantially lower prices.”

Since receiving the stick, we have put it through rigorous testing to see how it performs in multiple categories important for hockey players, including shooting and accuracy, feel for the puck and durability. With their initial offering into the stick market, Dekree makes a big impact with the DC300. There’s a lot to discuss with this stick, so let’s get right to it!

*Please note, this review focuses mainly on roller hockey usage. A review focusing on ice hockey usage will be posted in the near future, so keep checking back!

Specs: Dekree DC300, 90 flex, M3 curve (similar to Modano)

Modifications: Cut 1.5 inches off the butt end of the stick

Design and Construction:

The DC300 employs a simple design, focusing more on subtle details rather than a loud, over-the-top appearance. The shaft is mostly dominated by the company’s name written down the side in white with some orange accent and other graphical elements incorporated as well. The result is a sleek, minimalist looking stick that lets the performance do the talking.

Several innovative technologies are incorporated in the DC300, placing it right up there with the premium offerings from other equipment manufacturers. The stick was designed using, “ultra-light Carbon fiber reinforced with Kevlar for vibration control and added strength.” The stick also has an 18-inch tapered shaft, common in most one-piece sticks, as well as a double-concave shaft designed with rounded corners for comfort. The shaft also features a custom grip coating that is textured, not sticky, resulting in increased control over the stick.

Weight and Balance:

With an overall weight of 435 grams, the DC300 weighs in slightly lighter than the Stealth RS (442 grams) and the RBK Ai9 (454) and is also incredibly well-balanced with a very even weight distribution throughout the shaft and down to the blade. In fact, we compared a stock DC300 to a stock Stealth RS and found the DC300  to be just as well balanced, if not slightly better than the Stealth RS. Even when cut down, as my model is, the DC300 maintains a very even weight distribution.

Puck Handling/Feel:

While using the DC300, you don’t get that cheap feeling when you skate with the puck; that hollow, plastic feel that you get with some other one-piece sticks. The DC300 just feels solid when you skate with the puck, something reminiscent of old wooden sticks.

The double-concave shaft also helps make stick handling easier by providing a more comfortable grip on the stick. The stick is easy to wield and not awkward at all on your hands. I find the stick to be incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

The DC300 features a high density foam core in the blade to help improve puck feel during stick handling and passing. Compared to other high end models, I would put the DC300 on par with the Stealth RS for stick handling. The light weight and solid feel for the puck provides skaters with more confidence to skate with the puck with their head up, something I find myself doing with a bit more ease using this stick – even while skating with a lighter roller hockey puck.

Shooting and Accuracy:

Shooting with the DC300 took a little bit of getting used to, mainly because the M3 curve has a 5 lie, which is a little flatter than I am used to. I had to adjust to shooting with the puck a little further away from my body, but once I got the hang of it I was very impressed with how well the stick performs. *Note: The M5 curve has a 5.5 lie for players who want something a little steeper.

Forwards will love the responsiveness of the DC300, especially on wrist shots. This stick really excels at releasing the puck quickly with power and control. Teammates actually commented to me on my increased power and velocity on wrist shots.

Accuracy with the DC300 is great as well. I have no trouble putting my wrist shots where I want them, whether I’m aiming low or high. I’m able to get the puck up quickly in tight quarters and even scored a beauty a few weeks ago by roofing the puck from just outside the goal crease.

The only area where I really feel like the DC300 lacks in any way is on slapshots. I feel like the stick lacks that ‘pop’ on slapshots and I don’t see a noticeable difference in shot velocity. But I don’t see a noticeable decrease either. I also think that the 90 flex that I have plays a little stiffer, something that was proliferated by cutting the stick down. If I had to choose again, I may have gone with the 80 flex.


This is where the DC300 excels beyond any stick I have used previously. The DC300 is strong. I’ve used it for a few weeks now in game-time situations and you would never be able to tell. It barely has a scratch on it. The blade looks flawless and the shaft looks almost brand new. I would be incredibly surprised and disappointed if this stick was ever chopped in half on a good slash. But so far, this is one of the strongest sticks I have ever used.

Overall Impressions:

Dekree made a big splash with their foray into the hockey stick market. The DC300 is accurate and provides increased shot power on wrist shots along with a solid feel for the puck while stick handling. The durability of the stick is incredible and a huge positive for adult rec league players. I’ve never had a stick used in multiple games that comes away looking as good as my DC300.

At $199 per stick, players receive a stick that is as good as the top end offerings from other manufacturers for a lesser price. I’ve had teammates ask me about the stick and where they can get one and have been impressed with it after just using it for a few shots in warm-ups. I’ve set aside my Easton Stealth RS in favor of the DC300 as my go-to stick when game time rolls around. Dekree put together a solid, all-around good stick that can easily challenge name-brand manufacturers. If you want all of the performance of a top of the line hockey stick for a lesser price, consider the DC300.

Interested in purchasing the Dekree DC300? Check them out online at! Have any more questions about this stick? Feel free to contact Chris on Twitter @HWBChris




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