Reebok Premier 4 Goal Pads

All new from Reebok this Spring will be the Reebok Premier 4 goal pads. These new pads from Reebok will have great features, some brand new, which will make them one of the hotter goalie items being released this year.

Reebok has included the quick release system on the Premier 4 goal pads. This open knee cradle will allow the pads to drop to the inside quicker, resulting in more coverage and a five hole that gets covered quicker as well. For additional five hole coverage, Reebok has included two new features on the Premier 4 goal pads. First, they’ve added a raised protector on the inside of the knee to increase coverage. The injection molded foam it’s made from will ensure you stay protected as well. Second, they’ve included new knee straps to increase stability.

Moving down the pad, Reebok has included a flex core over your skate. This area will be “a new softer boot flex option for goalies wanting more flex at the ankle,” according to Reebok. Additionally, to help keep the inside edge of the pad flat against the ice for maximum coverage, the Reebok Premier 4 goal pads have included forward position calf wraps. With features like that, you can tell the Premier 4 goal pads are made to help butterfly style goaltenders.

The Reebok Premier 4 goal pads will come in senior and intermediate sizes. In senior, the following sizes will be available at retail: 33+1, 34+1, 34+2, 35+2, along with some custom sizes. As far as intermediate, you can expect the following sizes: 29+1, 31+1, 32+1, and some custom sizes.

Colors on the Premier 4 goal pads will be as follows: White, White/Blue, White/Black, White/Black/Red, and of course custom colors such as the white/blue/red in the images below.

Check out the Reebok Premier 4 goal pads below and let us know your thoughts. Any chance you’ll swap out your current pads for a set of these?

Reebok Premier 4 Goal Pads FullReebok Premier 4 Goal Pads

Reebok Premier 4 Goal Pads


  1. I got a pair of these a while back and they aren’t as good as we all suspected. The pads is not comfortable and the inner leg channel is a distraction in the ankle area. If do not recommend these pads

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