Gabriel Landeskog Uses New CCM Stick

Update: The new CCM RBZ stick is now available for pre-order from Pure Hockey! Head over there to pick one up today and use the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD to save 10% on select items.

For those of you following Gabriel Landeskog on Twitter, you may have noticed he tweeted a picture of his new stick recently. For those that don’t, we have the picture below for you to check out.

Landeskog, the exceptional rookie forward and CCM athlete, can typically be seen wearing CCM products from head to toe. When people began to notice he was using an all white stick, sort of similar to the new Easton Mako, minds began to wonder if he he was covering up a Mako, or was instead using a brand new stick.

Thanks to Landeskog’s tweet, “What do you guys think of my new stick? …And yes, hockey stick that is for all of you out there with dirty minds,” we can assume he’s not talking about a Mako. Had he been using a Mako, we can’t imagine he would show it off publicly like that. Instead, it seems that Landeskog is using an unreleased CCM stick. Due to the complete white out, however, it’s hard to know what this stick will be called.

This type of news must be frustrating to Easton Hockey, especially if the final retail version of the stick is all white as well. Easton recently released their blacked out Stealth RS, which will be followed by Bauer’s similarly all black Nexus 1000 stick. Now, with the impending release of their white Mako stick, CCM produces a new all white stick as well.

Update 3/6/12: As HWB fan Mike pointed out in the comments below, we now know that CCM’s new stick will be powered by Taylor Made. Yes, that is the same Taylor Made that manufactures golf clubs. This should come as no surprise, however, as Taylor Made, Reebok and CCM are all part of parent company Adidas Group. Check out the photos below for a close up of the blade featuring the Taylor Made logo.

We’re also hearing that another NHL star and CCM athlete will begin using the stick very soon as well. Keep your eyes on Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or John Tavares with the idea that CCM might put this new white stick in the hands of another one of their young stars.

Update 3/7/12: We’re hearing from our sources at CCM that they have been working directly with Taylor Made engineers on a revolutionary new stick concept for some time now. While we don’t have any details yet as to what kind of technology this new stick will have, CCM tells me the stick will carry real Taylor Made technology. Although it can’t be confirmed just yet, it is likely that CCM’s new stick will have the same name as a Taylor Made product. Could we be seeing a CCM RBZ stick?

Unfortunately, we’re gonna be waiting a while for this guy to be released. Expect a late 2012 or early 2013 release on the new CCM twig. Keep checking back in on this article as we hope to have more updates for you throughout the week.

Gabriel Landeskog New CCM Stick


Gabriel Landeskog Uses His New CCM Stick
Gabriel Landeskog uses his new all white CCM Stick


New CCM Stick Powered By Taylor Made


  1. Apparently the stick is being made with TaylorMade’s help.


  2. Looks like RNH was using a white stick in his last two games. Haven’t caught a close up of it. Looks like the upper part of the shaft is black, though.

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