Hockey Gear Sales

Every now and then you need to update your gear or your wardrobe. Be it for the fashion conscious or the gear whores, below is a little list worth taking a look at.

NHL Gear‘s shop always has some nifty things for purchase. From a jersey to memorabilia, you cannot go wrong.

Team Golf Hockey Cart Bag – Some teams could have started golfing a while ago, one being the Montreal Candiens pictured, so why not show your team pride with a new golf bag? It features an integrated top handle, 14 full-length dividers, 5 zippered pockets, and 3 lift-assist handles. The fleece-lined pouch is ideal for valuables, while the removable rain hood ensures that your clubs stay dry.

Team Golf Jar of 175 Golf Tees – OK, so with the bag you cannot forget the tees. You get 175 tees that will last you a while that have your team’s logo on them to match the bag. If you’re going to look good on the course you might as well go all out.

Token & Icons Team Authentic Game Used Jersey Wallet – I was flipping through NHL’s Shop website when I cam across this nifty little wallet. It is a pretty penny at $149.99 USD, but hey, it is a unique wallet. The wallet is made of leather with the team name embossed on front. So, from the naked eye most people will think nothing more than a normal wallet. But open it up and there is where the real beauty is; constructed with a game worn jersey. The wallet comes with a certificate of authenticy as well. Not sure if it specifies which player’s jersey it was, but you can always say whoever you want to make it sound a bit cooler.

Tokens & Icons Team Authentic Game Used Round Cuff Links – I’ve never really been a guy to wear cuff links, never really found any that made a statement. This might change with the Tokens & Icons Game Used Round Cuff Links. A silver cuff link made with a game used authentic hockey puck of your team of choice, the link definitely pops out.

Hockey Gear

Pure Hockey Glove Sale – Some of us may not be thinking golf or stylish nights out on the town just yet, our minds still thinking¬† of playing. If you are looking for some new gloves that may not be the newest on the block, yet still top end quality, you may want to check out‘s hockey glove sale. Gloves like Bauer Vapor X:60 Pro Gloves from 2010, Easton E-Pro from 2011, TPS R8 Pro or perhaps a set of Warrior Bonafide Senior Hockey Glove from 2011. Like I said, they may not be the latest year wise but they definitely are near latest in technology all for a reduced price. Don’t forget Hockey World Blog readers can get 10% off by using coupon code ‘HOCKEYWORLD’.


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