Amazing Patrick Kane Shootout Goal

When the Red Wings play the Blackhawks, there are two things I typically count on. First, a shootout. Second, crazy dangles. Both of those were present once again tonight as the Blackhawks beat the Wings 3-2 in the shootout.

First up, Pavel Datsyuk, who slid the puck between his legs backhand to forehand before shooting wide. While he definitely had Corey Crawford beat on the move, Datsyuk was visibly frustrating after missing the net. His miss would come back to haunt the Wings as well.

Immediately after Datsyuk, Patrick Kane shot for the Blackhawks. As Kane slowly skated in he slid the puck between his legs, from behind him, forehand to backhand and then went back to his forehand as he beat Jimmy Howard through the five hole. Kane’s goal in the shootout was all it took, as the next four shooters missed, giving the Blackhawks the win.

Check out the video below for the whole shootout. Let us know your thoughts in the comments too. Did Datsyuk or Kane have the better move? And do you think Kane was trying to show off a little bit after Datsyuk pulled his move?


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  1. JP Avatar

    I think Datsyuk’s looked a lot cleaner, especially with the fast speed, Kane came at it so slow; but it was still a good move on his part. I’ve never seen Kane pull that move in a shootout so I’m sure he was looking to one up Datsyuk.

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