Hockey World Blog 2011-12 NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge presented by Dekree and Blue Ice Hockey

Do you think you know who will win the Stanley Cup? Do you want to win a FREE hockey stick!?

If so, join Hockey World Blog as we present the 2011-12 NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge for a chance to win a free, top of the line composite hockey stick!

Entry into the Hockey World Blog NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge, presented by Dekree and Blue Ice Hockey, is completely free of charge! All you need to do is download a playoff bracket (you must have Microsoft Excel in order to view the downloadable bracket), fill it out and send it back to Hockey World Blog for a chance to win!

Contestants can download their playoff brackets HERE!

Please send all completed brackets to EB at If you do not have Excel but would still like to participate, feel free to email your picks to EB as well.

Here is how the contest works: For each team that you correctly pick to win the first round, you will receive one point. For each team that you correctly choose to win the second round, you will receive three points. If you successfully pick the winner of the Conference Finals, you will receive five points and another seven points for correctly choosing the 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champion. The person with the most points at the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will be named the winner of the 2011-12 NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge! Tie-breakers will fall to the person who successfully picks how many games the Stanley Cup Finals will go and the score of the series deciding game.

*Please note, after you pick your winners for the first round, you need to re-seed your picks for the second round. The highest ranked seed always plays the lowest ranked seed, so be sure to re-rank your teams.

All entries must be received by Friday, April 13, 2012 at Noon EST in order to be considered for the contest. No exceptions.

The winner of the Hockey World Blog 2011-12 NHL Playoff Bracket challenge will be able to choose between the Dekree DC300 composite hockey stick and the Blue Ice NP-Tek one-piece hockey stick as his or her prize. The second place winner will be awarded whichever stick the winner does not choose as a consolation prize. All of this is presented free of charge by Dekree, Blue Ice Hockey, and Hockey World Blog!

No shortcuts were taken in engineering the Dekree DC300 composite hockey stick. At 435 grams, the DC300 is lighter than most top-end hockey sticks and incredibly durable. The stick is made of 100 percent aerospace grade carbon fiber and features a Kevlar wrapping throughout the slash zone resulting in improved strength and decreased vibration. Carbon ribbing (spine technology) has been incorporated between the shaft and blade to improve overall strength as well as to decrease blade torque, allowing for improved accuracy during shooting. An 18-inch taper on the shaft allows for quick loading resulting in a very quick release while a concave shaft with slightly rounded corners provides for a comfortable grip. Check out Hockey World Blog’s review of the Dekree DC300 composite hockey stick here.

The Blue Ice NP-Tek is the latest offering from Blue Ice Hockey. Known for their durability, Blue Ice Hockey offers a full line of hockey sticks for every player at every stage of the game at great affordable prices. Their previous professional model, the Nano Pro, featured nano-particle technology that provided strength, durability and lightness. The shaft featured concave sides for comfort while the blade featured a honeycomb weave instead of a basic laminate to help increase durability and shot velocity. The brand new NP-Tek hasn’t even been released to the public yet and the winner of the contest will have the choice of being one of the first to own this brand new model. You can check out our review of the Nano Pro hockey stick here.

Click HERE to download your NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge bracket sheet!

Fine Print: Limit one entry per person. Entries must be received by Friday, April 13, 2012 at Noon EST in order to be considered for the contest. Additional tie-breakers will be implemented as needed before the Stanley Cup Finals at the discretion of Hockey World Blog. Winners will be contacted by a member of Hockey World Blog at the conclusion of the NHL Playoffs. Please ensure that a valid e-mail address accompanies your submission in order for us to contact the winner.

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