HWB Playoff Bracket Challenge Finalist

Dekree DC300

We here at Hockey World Blog, with the support of Dekree and Blue Ice Hockey, have put together a NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge.  The challenge, predict the outcome of the NHL playoffs, round by round. With 58 participants, including HWB writers’, only 3 participants remain: Mitch V. (17 points), Matthew D. (16 points) and Brett O. (12 points).

The participants’ picks and statistics can be found here.

Mitch V. leads the way with 17 points. Going an impressive 6 for 8 in the first round, he added another 2 right going into the Semi-Finals. Being of the 67% to predict the Pittsburgh Penguins to win it all, he has no chance of picking the Stanley Cup Champion. This is where his opponents, Matthew D. and Brett O. comes into play. Both picking the New Jersey Devils to win, if the Devils prevail, they leap-frog past Mitch for the “W”. Their similarities end their though as they each had a different climb to the top. Brett O. picked only 4 out of the first 8 correctly. Since then, he has ridden the Devils to where he is now, the only team to have been picked correctly since the second round. Matthew D. on the other hand correctly picked 5 correct in the first round, and picked the Eastern Conference Final teams as well in the New York Rangers and the Devils. That extra pick has landed him a free hockey stick regardless of a Devil’s victory or loss to the Kings.

Congratulations to Matthew D. for becoming our first winner in the HWB Playoff Bracket Challenge sponsored by Dekree and Blue Ice Hockey. To put a slight damper in his victory, he still will have to wait until a Stanley Cup Champion is crowned to see if he takes first or second place. First place will be given the choice of a Dekree DC300 composite hockey stick or the Blue Ice NP-Tek one-piece hockey stick as his prize. With the Devils down 1 – 0 in the series against the Kings, a win for the Devil’s in game two gives him a much better chance of taking first. Still, the Kings are looking mighty strong after the first game. In a typical competition like fashion, it will come down to the end to see who wins. Best of luck to the remaining three participants.


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