New & Updated 2012 Easton Stealth RS Stick

Despite the original Stealth RS hitting stores last fall, Easton has updated and refreshed the Easton Stealth RS stick for release this fall.

The new 2012 Easton Stealth RS stick has a refreshed look, but still sticks with the stealthy black and yellow color scheme we fell in love with last year. Beyond the new look, it also seems as though Easton has incorporated some new technology in order to increase durability – specifically enhancing blade strength.

Some of the features you can expect in the 2012 Easton Stealth RS Stick are as follows:

  • Elliptical taper profile
  • Woven Kevlar Shaft
  • Increased Blade Stiffness
  • Micro Bladder / Multi-Rib Blade
  • Low Kick Point Flex Profile
  • Matte Blade Finish

With a new stronger and stiffer blade, we’re very interested to see how the new Stealth RS can hold up. The previous model performed great for us, but the major concern we had was durability. If Easton has managed to solve that issue with this version, expect this stick to become very popular.

What do you think of the new 2012 Easton Stealth RS stick? Will you be willing to give it a shot on the rink? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

New 2012 Easton Stealth RS Stick
New 2012 Easton Stealth RS Stick (Photo courtesy Matt Sullivan, SkateQuest)

Easton Stealth RS  & Easton Stealth RS Grip 2012





14 responses to “New & Updated 2012 Easton Stealth RS Stick”

  1. TheHockeyBrony Avatar

    Looks a lot better than the old one. But will the 2011 RS go on sale?

  2. jack Avatar

    I like the old one better in looks but I am happy to see that they increased the blade durability. I broke 3 rs’s in the blade/taper area

  3. Nick Avatar

    I hate to say it, but Easton lost me as a consumer. I’ve had durability issues with every Easton stick I’ve ever had so I stopped using them. I decided to take a chance on the RS and the blade was done within a month. I called a day after the warranty expired and nothing. Love Easton, but not taking a chance again.

  4. EricB Avatar

    That thing has “come to papa” spelled all over it. Love my total one but will definatly take a closer look at this stick.

  5. #7Center Avatar

    Eeh Easton needs to get a new look

  6. Ryan Avatar

    This is essentially a 2011 RS with a Mako Blade & Bladder. Its the same stick. Remember the bad feel those mako’s have? i wouldnt doubt it if the blade takes away from that feel the old ones had. Definitely doubting they have fixed the issues.

  7. Baptist Abushaka Avatar

    I love the look on the new rs and 85s sticks.When in fall is the new rs and 85s stick going to be out in stores?.

  8. LEE Avatar

    While the RS was perhaps the best shooting stick my son has used to date. The quality of the stick was just garbage. 4 kid’s on his team all had rs’s. All 4 had them break along the blade. When we called easton reguarding this we were told they were built for performance and not for durability. We have since bought him a Warrior Widow and have had none of the same issues. Easton knew of the problem with these sticks and Ignored it. Never will I ever buy another Easton product again.

  9. Brad Avatar

    Bought one, just terrible. the realese is good and so as the look but the blade only lasts for a month. im not interested in the new 2012 Rs look but it might be better durability. why cant Easton just make blades like they did with the SE16?

  10. jacob Avatar

    hope the blade is stronger or it’s not going to do well.the rs brakes way to easy for the price.

  11. David Avatar

    there going to be no different…. its an easton there all terrible. i would never buy another easton in my life.

  12. Linda Delorme Avatar
    Linda Delorme

    Bought my 14 year old son the Easton Stealth RS stick 45 days ago,he came home from practice last night with the stick brokrn in half. I paid $250.00 for the stick and now have go and buy another stick today, Don’t think it will be a Easton.Very disappointed!!

    1. Matt Avatar

      Was it the original Stealth RS or the RS 2? From the sounds of it, you had the original. The new one should have improved durability, but we have yet to use one.

  13. Duke Avatar

    The original rs is amazing for shots but lacks durability if the rs2 is a lot more durable I will sure buy it or av9e

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