Mission Slyde Goal Pads

Mission Hockey will not only be revamping its player line this year, but will be releasing all new goal equipment as well.

The Mission Slyde pads are highly anticipated and look to change the way roller hockey goaltenders move around in the crease. The inside of each one of the Mission Slyde pads has special slick plastic ridges from the base all the way up to the knee, which will allow goaltenders to push off from one side and efficiently slide across the crease to cover one timers, or other shots they may have had difficulty preventing before.

Along with the Slyde pads, there will be a Slyde catcher and blocker – all of which will be available September 15th. The Mission Slyde pads will go great with the new Inhaler FL1 goal skates, which we first brought to you in early June.

Take a look at the new Mission Slyde goal pads below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Will you be upgrading your goal pads to take advantage of the new Slyde technology?

Mission Slyde Goal Pads
Mission Slyde Goal Pads


Slyde Technology on the Mission Slyde Goal Pads
Slyde Technology on the Mission Slyde Goal Pads





2 responses to “Mission Slyde Goal Pads”

  1. Steve Jones Avatar
    Steve Jones

    Will the slide plates hold up to sealed concrete or are they only for sportcourt

  2. ian cherico Avatar
    ian cherico

    where can i get them

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