Mission Inhaler AC3 Roller Hockey Skates

The  Mission Inhaler AC3 roller hockey skates, set to be released on September 15th, are a great feature filled skate at a more affordable price than the Mission Inhaler AC1 and Inhaler AC2 skates.

The boot design, featuring a black, gray and white look, will really stand out on the rink. The skate is accented slightly with yellow on the tendon guard, which matches the yellow wheels.

Mission has given roller hockey players an extra bonus this year, by adding the S.I.C.K. ventilation on each of their top four roller hockey skates. These vents, found in the toe cap and quarter package, will allow air to flow throughout the inside of the boot and keep your feet cool.

As far as components, the quarter package will be made of reinforced nylon tech mesh to remain lightweight and durable. The liner will be Mission’s brushed nylon comfort liner and the tongue will be made of two piece white felt and include lace bite inserts.

Beneath the boot you will find a light weight composite outsole connected to Mission’s all new and lighter weight aluminum Hi-Lo Vanguard chassis. You will be rolling on Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX Grip wheels with the Mission Inhaler AC3, which will provide great grip and speed. You will also find Mission’s new Swiss LE bearings on the Inhaler AC3 skates.

For more information on the Mission Inhaler AC3 roller hockey skates, or to pre-order a pair today, head over to InlineWarehouse.com. The Inhaler AC3 skates will cost $399.99 and begin shipping from IW on September 21st.

Let us know your thoughts on the Mission Inhaler AC3 skates in the comments!

Mission Inhaler AC3 Roller Hockey Skates


  1. Cannot wait for this skate to come out and plan on buying it. The problem I have with this and it may just be ignorance speaking. But for a 400 dollar skate, its the first skate in the lineup that offers a composite outsole. The ac4 offers injected tpu (which I assume is just a very slightly modified version of TPR?). However, I currently use the T6’s which for 200 bucks offer a ton of nice features. These are double the price and are only the first to offer the composite outsole which I need being a large person. 6’4″ and 220.

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