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Halo Putter

There are a lot of things that are a perfect complement to each other: beer and pizza, cake and ice cream, bacon and eggs. Blue Ice Hockey and its sister company, MDgolf have found the ultimate fourth partnership; hockey and golf. Hockey players at all levels make the easy transition from hockey to golf, unfortunately for some fans, many pro teams make that transition sooner than others. Blue Ice and MDgolf have combined the passion for both sports with their new line of NHL logoed and endorsed golf clubs.


MDgolf produces a high-quality line of putters, wedges and hybrids and have acquired the NHL licensing rights to decorate them with the logos of all 30 teams. Now the hockey fan can bring his favorite team to the golf course with him. They also have the 2011 Boston Bruin Stanley Cup clubs as well as the 2012 LA King Championship clubs. Not only do these clubs look great, their playability is second to none and is available at a reasonable price.

The putters are the popular 2 ball style and the “Halo”, both designed for balance and feel. They feature a soft insert in the face and stainless steel undercarriage for balance and durability. The wedges are the popular “oil can” style with the bronze finish which really displays the logos. You won’t have to be in the “sin bin” long with their utility club. The utility club handles itself well in all places, the tee, fairway or rough.

Utility Hybrid

“We believe that clubs and the NHL logos are a perfect fit. When we approached the NHL with the idea, they took a look at our product and they agreed. We haven’t looked back since.” Says Ron Sherkin from Blue Ice/ MDgolf.

Not only does Blue Ice/MDgolf do NHL logos, they have done business with corporations, foundations, and colleges, providing logoed clubs for gifts and incentives for tournaments and businesses.

“We laser engrave clubs with the college’s or corporation’s logo which really creates a ‘wow’ factor”, adds David Kornhaber, Director of Sales. “Instead of the same old hats and balls, you get a really unique gift that promotes your company and event and is something that people really use. The clubs don’t get shoved in a closet or get lost.”

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