Fischer SX5 Hockey Stick Review Update

It’s been a few months since my initial review of the Fischer SX5 hockey stick, but I wanted to post an updated review offering more insight into the stick’s performance after an extended period of time.


We initially received the brand new Fischer line of hockey sticks at the end of March and mine is still going strong today. The shaft has some blemishes, but nothing outside of what you would typically see from a stick with several months of usage, and the slash zone has a few minor chips, but the blade is still in excellent condition with absolutely no cracks or chips.

In my initial review I mentioned a small chip that I noticed rattling around the inside of the shaft. That initially gave me pause about the durability of the stick, but after removing the chip I haven’t had any issues like that again in probably triple the usage time.

Flex maintenance is another aspect of durability that we don’t often consider. Some sticks (I’ve used a few shafts in the past that did this) have a tendency to becoming whippier and basically lose stiffness after heavy usage. I don’t believe the Fischer SX5 has lost any stiffness. The shaft was originally a 90 flex, but I cut down a few inches probably making it closer to a 95 or 100, which is what I typically use anyway. The stick still definitely plays to that level and doesn’t feel any whippier or any less stiff at all.


This is probably where I am most impressed by the SX5. Despite being distinctly bottom-heavy, which is to be expected seeing as how this is not their top-end offering, I’m still incredibly impressed with the feel for the puck that the blade and the stick provide. That’s mostly why I’ve continued to use this stick, because I know game in and game out I can play my best thanks to my ability to know where the puck is on my stick and skate with my head up more.

Granted, the slightly heavier weight of the stick has hindered my play on occasion, but mostly when I go to swipe for a loose puck or make a poke check. It’s something that I can easily overlook in favor of solid puck feel.

Accuracy is also good with the Fischer SX5. Not only can I easily place my shots, but I can also shoot with a lot of power. I absolutely blasted a slapshot over my goalie’s shoulder a few weeks back during warm-ups and he barely reacted because the shot was so fast. It just flew right by him. While that shot was not the norm, I do typically find my shots to have a lot of velocity behind them and I’m quite pleased with how the stick performs for both wrist shots and slapshots.

Overall Impressions:

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be writing an updated review if I weren’t impressed with the SX5. The slightly heavier weight is a bit of a hindrance at times, but the overall performance otherwise makes this stick a great value. I still wish that Fischer did a better job of providing more specific product details on their website, including pricing and the ability to order online, but that’s beside the point. The SX5 offers players a durable stick that offers a great feel for the puck and good shot velocity. I look forward to seeing what Fischer brings to the table in the future, because they have laid a solid foundation with this stick.

Interested in purchasing the Fischer SX5? Check them out online at  Have any more questions about this stick? Feel free to contact Chris on Twitter @HWBChris for more info!

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