Easton Mako Skates

Since acquiring MLX Skates and establishing the Speed Institute, much of the effort for the Easton skate department has been focused on combining MLX technology with their own in a new skate. Their efforts have finally been realized with the brand new Easton Mako skates.

With a design that carries a unique appeal, Easton has built an exciting product with loads of new and terrific features. Starting with the boot itself, you’ll notice an asymmetrical design – meaning the height of the boot on inside edge is actually 5mm higher than on the outside. This is done to help you generate more speed and and power through cornering.

Easton has also added the new Extendon guard, which allows a greater range of motion than some other tendon guards. According to Easton, the Extendon guard “promotes a full stroke and then a quick recovery to the original position for a faster stride frequency.”

Utilizing the new CXN holder, the Mako skates offer a fairly aggressive pitch allowing you to generate more force into the ice. The Mako skates will also use Easton’s new ES4 stainless steel runner.

Additionally, the Easton Mako skates take full advantage of being heat moldable. Besides the boot being moldable around your foot, they have used heat moldable materials in the tongue as well. These are designed to provide an incredible wrap around your foot, giving you one of the closest to custom fits that you can get.

With the Mako skates, Easton has finally made the jump into the highest price point with these skates. Comparable to the APX and Total One NXG, the new Mako skates will retail for $799.99.

The Easton Mako skates will be available at your local hockey store on March 15th, 2013. If you’re looking to pre-order, head over to PureHockey.com today where you can reserve your pair. Be sure to use coupon code HOCKEYWORLD on your order to save 10% on select products.

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know your thoughts on the new Mako skates! Would you grab a pair of these skates which are heavily inspired by MLX? Or are you more likely to go with a different brand? How do you feel about the design on the  Easton Mako skates?

Easton Mako Skates

Easton Mako Skates

Easton Mako Skates


  1. I don’t like the looks of these skates from this photo but I don’t think it will will their final design. I feel like there’s no correlation in the color scheme with the Mako stick product line which is something I have felt they have tried to do with past product lines like with the RS. Also even though i feel like design could be improved I’m glad they didn’t just copy the X-rib technolgy on the heel of the skate like Reebok’s 20k line did trying to look like the Bauer APX’s

  2. I would absolutely consider getting a pair of these if they’re heavily inspired from the MLX skate.

    MLX is hands down the most comfortable skate that I’ve ever worn, so I’m hoping that this is true!

  3. Saw these in person yesterday at an Easton event and actually got to try a pair on. I have to say they are incredibly comfortable but unlike anything else you have ever worn. They fit like a glove, with no negative space inside the boot. Tendon guard has major flex to it, and combined with a boot that is only stiff where it needs to be, should allow skaters more range of motion than any other skate before it. Didn’t get to try baking the skates, but it does take 16 minutes in the oven to activate the boot and turn it to mush, which is unheard of.

  4. I would absolutely give them a shot of they are heavily inspired by MLX fit. MLX skates are the best fitting skates I ever had and wish I got another pair before Easton bought then out.
    Looks ate secondary to the fit and feel (particularly to us with very wide feet)! MLX weren’t nice looking either, but they were great.

  5. I would definitly try them. I do wonder why Gonchar has the tendon guard taped down in this pic and in other pics I saw he dosen’t have it taped.

  6. I tried the MLX skates and liked them very much. They work as advertise: fit is close and super comfortable, best I’ve ever tried. You can really get low to the ice in them. I didn’t buy them because of concerns about the longevity of the company (which proved well-founded), but I’m definitely going to get a pair of the Makos when they come out.

  7. I work at Just Hockey in Toronto, and have recently bought a pair. When you pull them out of the box your surpised by how much better they look than in pictures, and by the weight of them. The weight is a little bottom heavy, i believe this is because runners aren’t Easton’s forte having struggled with this in the past, but is a decently light skate overall. No where near as light as some previous skates like the S15 and 17, but i feel like this is with durability in mind. When you first try and put your foot into the skate, good luck. It is very painful and difficult right out of the box. This is because the boot is nearly 100% composite and extremely stiff, out of box. Dont make any decisions until you bake this skate, changes 100%.
    Find the right size; standing straight up toes just brushing up against the front of the toe box (you will push back when you bake the skate, as well as when you bend your knees). Bake the skate for 15-20 min even though the box says 10min. when putting the skate on for baking, Do not tie the skate tight. Just snug up the laces. Its a very tight fiting skate that fits very close around your foot and like i said 100% composite. overtightening will curve the boot and when it cools will stay like that, making it even harder to put your foot in and out. A proper baking process will allow your foot to go in and out of the boot with ease and make the skate what i think is the most comfortable boot on the market. I’m not a huge fan of the runners and holders. The design is much better than previous such as “Razor Bladez” and “Razor Bladez2”. The new steel is said to be “better than Bauer” but it sharpens just like Reebok steel. its burns easily and seems a little soft. Im most likely going to swap them for lightspeeds and Vsteel from Step giving the skate a more neutral position, if you prefer like me, apposed to the aggressive forward lean to the cxn holder. I’ve also had problems such as; Runner coming loose and falling out in game even though i tightened the bolts and put lock-tight on them numerous times, so i kind of have trust issues there. However it is still a huge imporvement by Easton Overall Still one of the ugliest skates on the market, not that its a fashion show, extremely comfortable boot and still not convinced on the holders and runners.

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