Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Gloves

Update: The Bauer Supreme Total One NXG gloves are now available for $179.99. Head over to to pick up your pair today. Use the coupon codeĀ HOCKEYWORLD and save 10% on select items from your order!

While the product hasn’t officially been announced yet, the Bauer Total One NXG gloves have been spotted many times by fans.

The first official shots of the Bauer Total One NXG glove came during the Bauer Pro Camp. This is a great opportunity for Bauer to showcase their latest gear, as well as a prime time for photo shoots of Bauer players wearing the gear. As you’ll see below, one of those players was Jonathan Toews, and he’s spotted wearing the Total One NXG gloves in that photo.

Later on, Bauer released a couple videos showcasing NHL players using and talking about their new Total One NXG stick. In the videos, you can see players like Toews, Steve Stamkos, James Van Riemsdyk, and Brayden Schenn all using the Bauer Total One NXG gloves.

Below you’ll find a couple pictures of the Total One NXG gloves. These will more than likely hit store shelves in April. Until then, we’ll have to wait for some more information from our sources.

Jonathan Toews - Bauer Total One NXG Gloves

James Van Riemsdyk - Bauer Total One NXG Gloves

Brayden Schenn - Bauer Total One NXG Gloves




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