CCM RBZ Skates

We know we’re getting closer to a new product launch when we start to see pro and junior players using the products. Such is the case with the new CCM RBZ skates, which have recently been showcased by players in the QMJHL.

The skates feature a fairly simple looking black design with red and silver accents on the boot. The liner appears to be red as well, which will give the inside of the boot a distinct look.

The new CCM RBZ skates will feature many new elements and technology. Starting out in the quarter package, we’ll see that CCM is using their new Action Form + SpeedCore for improved support and maximum speed. The SpeedCore composite quarter package will provide you with pro level stiffness and is designed to help maximize your reaction speed and explosiveness. They will use a full clarino liner inside the boot, which will utilize a smooth contour design to enhance comfort and fit. CCM has also used a carbon composite outsole to help maximize energy transfer with each stride.

Inside you’ll find one of CCM’s new custom support insoles. There are three different footbeds you can have, one for low arch support, one for medium, and one for high. More contact with the insole is said to encourage more reaction in the foot muscles to help increase your skating speed. The CCM RBZ skates have also been designed with a pro level felt tongue, which is foam injected for extra lace bite protection. The felt will of course provide tremendous comfort.

On the RBZ skates, CCM has introduced a brand new holder and runner. The new SpeedBlade + 4.0 holder actually sits 4 millimeters higher than their previous holder. This extra height allows for a deeper and more aggressive turn, providing up to an additional 10% increase in your turning radius. CCM has also added Speed Ribs to the holder to help improve strength and stability. The RBZ skates will use their new SB Hyperglide runner. This polished steel runner reduces friction and offers improved glide over their previous runner, and adds better edging as well.

While we may be getting an early look at the CCM RBZ skates, you will unfortunately have to wait until Spring 2013 to sink your feet into them.

It certainly looks as though CCM wants you to strap a rocket to your feet with the new technology on the RBZ skates. Take a look at the CCM RBZ skates below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are you a fan of the direction the CCM RBZ skates are taking in terms of design? Will you be replacing your old skates with the RBZ’s when they are released?

CCM RBZ Skates

CCM RBZ Skates

CCM RBZ Skates


  1. Checked them out today at my local hockey shop, CCM guy was there pitching the new blades. I like them’ they appear to have very good padding inside and the rep said they com with a variety of foot beds for different arches. The boot itself is very sleek, better than the U+. Can’t wait to get a pair

  2. They would really look good if you could get colors other than red. The midnight ice look that you can get with the u+10 would look really slick.

  3. I’ve been impatiently waiting to see one in person but nothing yet. Does anyone have any updates on the release of these RBZ Skates? Thanks…

    • They will fit to your foot better, Bemidji State had 11 guys switch from Bauer skates to the RBZ skates at their fittings this year and they had 18 guys switch from different skates to the RBZ’s at Wisconsin as well.

  4. When CCM had pro’s try the skates out they left the holders and blades blank and the pro’s thought they were the new TUUKS.

    • that can’t be true, the new tuuk light speed edge holders and runners are completely different as in style with the new quick release on the holder

  5. they fit really big when I tried them.. went down from a 7.5 to a 6.5 and I still had room.. retail cost will be 799.99

  6. I saw the tag on review video. It was hard to see but it looked like it said made in Thailand. I just figured being a top line ccm skate they would be made in Canada.

  7. U+cl was Made In Canada. RBZ are Made In Thailand. Very disappointing, especially with the price tag on it.

  8. Got to try on a pair of RBZ demos at the pro shop, damn do these skates feel great. Looks like I found my next pair of skates

    • Joe,

      Did you see that you had to try on a pair a size or so smaller than your normal size? I wear a 10.5 Easton skate and I had to scale down to a 9.5 or 10 in the RBZ

  9. My son has worn nothing but Bauer since he was 5, he now 16 and plays major midget .
    He’s tried to wear them for two sessions and had to take them off both times!
    Said it was the most comfortable boot he’s ever worn… BUT could not get use to either the steel of the runners or the difference in the 4 mm of height that has been added…..
    A total disaster!
    Anyone have a similar experience?

  10. I am looking for a new set of skate’s for my son. He has been wearing bauer vapor’s but has complained saying they hurt his feet and ankle he is six years old. Anyone else have a child around the same age that can give me some feedback? thanks

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