CCM CL 500 Gloves

Following up on one of their more successful gloves in recent years, the U+ CL, CCM is preparing to release the new CCM CL 500 gloves in 2013. While details may still be pretty scarce on the gloves, pictures have not been. There are a few good shots of pro players wearing the CCM CL 500 gloves that show off the detail of the new shell design.

While the CCM CL 500 gloves look better than the U+ CL, at least in my opinion, the real test will be in how the gloves feel and protect. Another important question will be palm durability. If CCM can nail those three things with their new CCM CL 500 gloves, they very well could have another hot selling glove.

Check out the pictures below of the new CCM CL 500 gloves and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you’re a CCM fan, are you looking forward to these new gloves? If you’re currently wearing another brand, will you consider switching to the CCM CL 500?

CCM CL 500 Gloves

CCM CL 500





6 responses to “CCM CL 500 Gloves”

  1. Zach Avatar

    After hearing about this,I realized how long it has been since ccm cam out with a new helmet.any word on a helmet??

  2. Mike Avatar

    I tried on some ccm gloves at a trade show and they were good because i wasnt thinking about them when i was using them. The thing im most interested in is the ufoam protective equipment. I have the cl shins and love them im hoping for a shoulder pad that fit more like the fit05 they had twp years ago using the ufoam. I would buy that in a heart beat. Would be perfect for bear league. Light that stays light with just enough protection.

  3. Anthony Avatar

    When will we be able to get our hands in these bad boys?

    1. Matt Avatar

      They will be launching April 15th

  4. Tristan Blackwater Avatar
    Tristan Blackwater

    Hey, I was wondering if you could send me a pair of these gloves. I’ve been wanting some new gloves. I love CCM, all there equipment in awesome. So if you could send me some thanks

  5. coin Avatar

    hey I need a pair of these so when so these bad boys come out!

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