Black Friday Hockey Shopping

Tomorrow starts the holiday season with Black Friday. While some may tackle the insanity of long lines and a lot of people, the smart ones can order online. Below is a list Hockey World Blog recommends for your hockey gift recipient.

Bauer Supreme Total ONE NXG hockey stick – The stick is a beauty. At just 402 grams, this amplified mid-kick shaft will make anyone a better player.

Brian’s Sub Zero goalie gear – Now I am a bit out of my element here, but the Sub Zero pads, as well as the Sub Zero blocker and glove are sweet. From its sick looking pattern to its Smart Strap system to fully lock your leg into place, the Sub Zero pads not only can make goalies better, but definitely makes them look more intimidating.

Reebok 20k Sickkick 4 hockey stick – Want to dangle like Pavel Datsyuk? Well, that probably will not happen, but still, you can sport the same hockey stick. The dual-grip offers a unique feel while the stick offers a true one-piece feel and balance.

Hockey skates – Out with the old and in with the new. Pure Hockey is offering an incredible deal on some skates from begiiner, intermediate to the top-end. At 50% off select skates, you cannot go wrong. Put it this way, I picked up some Bauer Vapor’s for under $50 dollars.

Warrior Covert DT1 hockey stick – For perhaps the easiest of sticks to flex most similar to a bow, the Covert DT1’s Dagger Tapper technology offers extreme flex at both the top and the bottom of the shaft, leaving the middle stiff for an incredible quick release.

Heat Locker – We have yet to review this equipment storage locker, but it sure looks promising. The wardrobe can hold up to 200 lbs., shelving, and most importantly, heating of air to 110 degrees Fahrenheit to dry your equipment after being used. Just think, no more cold equipment to put on come this winter.

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