Silverback Chrome O Stick: Initial Impressions

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to review the Silverback Chrome stick. This year, Silverback added the Chrome O to their product line. This stick is different than the original Chrome in that they have different graphics, color schemes, and an overall improved feel right out of the box.

Specs: Silverback Chrome O, Lidstrom Curve, 90 flex

Modifications: None

Length: 62″

Appearance and Design: Silverback changed the color scheme of their top stick. Last year the Chrome was white with blue and silver trim. This time around, they went for the black color with orange trim. There isn’t really one way everyone is making sticks today. You had Easton use black and yellow with the Stealth line, then switch to white with the Mako. The RBZ from CCM went with white too as their base color. I previously used a black and orange stick with the Miken Zero Limit and I think I like the black and orange color scheme best. I also like the look of the large SILVERBACK lettering that is a different shade of black against the black shaft. What is missing on the Chrome O that was on the Chrome is their Gorilla logo. It appears to be replaced with an orange cyclone that also forms the “O” in the name on the shaft.

The stick is made with 100% Toray Industries Carbon construction technology, changing the game with one of the most advanced sticks available. Options vary from low-kick to dual-flex shaft technology, providing the user with extreme consistency in any shooting situation.

Balance & Feel: At 433 grams, the Chrome O is five grams heavier than it’s predecessor, but I feel that this could be a better stick. The Chrome O has a smooth, non sticky matte finish compared to the glossy finish of the Chrome. Both sticks have four-sided, concave walls down the shaft, and instead of having bumps as their form of grip, there are ribbed edges on each of the corners going down the shaft.

Upon holding it, it feels light and balanced throughout. When holding the stick closer to the blade, that is when it starts to feel a little toe-heavy. Time will tell if that makes a differences seeing I’m using a squared toe versus a round toe.

Stick Construction: Like the Chrome, the shaft and blade is made with “Gorilla Armor”, which is a Kevlar-based synthetic fiber material. This same composite material, which is also used in body armor and bullet-proof vests, measures five times stronger than steel in strength to weight ratio. This optimizes two major areas of focus: impact protection and an increase in lifespan. The stick is also available in flexes of 80, 90, and 105. There are five different blade patterns to choose from, so there is something to suit anyone.

The blade is one of the areas where I am most excited about. While I have played defense for most of my inline hockey career (when I’m not playing goalie), I’ve never had the chance to use a defensive style stick with a squared toe. I know it’s going to take a small learning curve to get adjusted with a different curve while shooting and stick handling but I’m excited to use this stick on the rink.

Overall Impressions: I’m very excited to use this stick. I loved the Chrome when I played with it back in the spring and if it’s an improved edition, I will be very impressed. I raved about the durability Silverback had in the Chrome, and from the looks of it the Chrome O is designed to take a lot of abuse in the slash zone.

For more information, check out the Silverback website.


    • I don’t know where Eddie stands with his update yet, but when we played earlier this week, he lit it up. Passes, knocking things out of the air, slapshots, everything was working right. I do not know if he was just on his “A” game, but I would like to think the stick helped.

    • Hey Tyler,

      Thanks for asking about the stick. So far I’ve had positive results with the stick. Because of not skating over the holidays I have used it less than a handful of times but the other day I played in my league and had mostly good feedback while passing and shooting. Stay tuned for a full review in a couple weeks.


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