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While browsing the internet, looking over the IIHF 2013 U20 World Championship in Russia, I came across a video that breaks down Positional vs. Tactical Play in Hockey. The video looked at a goal in the Canada vs. Slovakia game played this past Friday. While what seems rather “basic”, the video offers some valuable information for any hockey player.

In the video Weiss looks at the breakdown of Canada’s defense that resulted in a goal. At first, the team is in the proper position, covering the points, a man in the middle, and the two defenseman covering their appropriate opponents. However, the weak side defenseman, while covering his man, allows the player to get behind him. Not being able to properly box out the player, the defenseman is unable to tie up his opponents stick. A shot was taken, a rebound bounced out and Slovakia scores.

Yes, the information is somewhat basic in this video, but when you think about it, hockey is for the most part, basic. Be able to do the basic things well and you can become a very good player. With Weiss Tech Hockey videos, Weiss breaks down drills, plays, and even training exercises to better any player. I would recommend taking a look at 1-2-2 “Foosball” Forecheck In Action, Slovakian Agility Race in Action, and any of the Mohawk Drills to name a few.

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