Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates

Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates

Update: The Bauer Vapor X 100 skates are now available. Head over to to pick up your pair today! Use the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD when you check out and save an additional 10% on select items from your order!

Joining the Vapor skate line up in the Spring will be the new Bauer Vapor X 100 skates. These skates will sit at a price point right beneath the Bauer Vapor APX 2 skates.

The Bauer Vapor X 100 skates will be similar to the original APX skates, with a few new features.

Starting with the quarter package, the Vapor X 100 skates will use the 3D lasted Curv Composite with x-rib pattern. Inside we’ll find a hydra max mesh liner along with lightweight form fit ankle pads. A 52 ounce three piece pro felt tongue will be featured on the Vapor X 100 skates, and will be integrated with a high density metatarsal guard. The footbed provided will be Bauer’s Form-Fit+ footbed with grip, moisture management and a heel stabilizer. Of course the full upper will be thermoformable, meaning a precise fit around your foot after baking.

Moving on to the lower features, the Vapor X 100 will use a full composite outsole which will be very light in weight. New to the Vapor series, and included on this skate will be the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder. First, you’re going to see a 3mm increase in height with this new holder, but its main feature will be the ability to quickly replace steel. The holder will feature a trigger which you can pull to release the current blade and put in a new set in a matter of seconds. The stock steel on these skates will be the Tuuk LS2 stainless steel runner.

The Bauer Vapor X 100 skate will be in retail stores this April and should be available at around $799.99. Check out the Vapor X 100 skates below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are you sticking with your current Vapor skates or upgrading to these?

Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates
Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates






10 responses to “Bauer Vapor X 100 Skates”

  1. Kyle Avatar

    will there be a stick and will there be cheaper types of this skate

  2. karl Avatar

    those r like the same as the apx 2 skates lol

  3. Steve Avatar

    Looks sick, good graphics improvement from original apx line.

    Any info if there be junior sizes like the supreme one.9?

  4. chris Avatar

    apx2 will come in JR from 3.5 up. the x100 is not like the old apx, it is still like the x7.0/x60. the tongue is 3 piece to limit it from cracking for those that dont tuck, the pricing here is wrong, closer to the $600 the 7.0 went for. they will have the full line like they always have.

  5. Max Avatar

    Chris, where did you find this information?

  6. Melanie Katz Avatar
    Melanie Katz

    these sound exactly like the apx

  7. josh Avatar

    what is he difference between these and the apx2?

  8. Mark Avatar

    Cool idea with the trigger, but no NHL dudes are on it right now, which leads me to believe it isn’t working well, or the pros don’t like it.

    Anyone test these out and know if the blade clicks or pops out a lot?

  9. sean Avatar

    Are these as stiff as the original apx skates? im only 5’3″ and 115 punds so im looking for the lightest weight skate with good flex.

  10. steve Avatar

    What is the price for the replacement runners ?

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