Graf Ultra G9035 Skates

Graf has been an interesting company lately, and remains one to keep an eye on. Behind Chairman of the Board, Claude Lemieux, Graf has launched new products, developed patent pending technology, and created innovative new products. The new year will be no different for Graf, as they plan more new product launches to try to grab more market share from their competitors.

New for 2013 will be the Graf Ultra G9035 skates. This new skate will be the top price point skate to feature Graf’s new MCI technology. This new technology will help the Graf Ultra G9035, and other skates with the technology, to focus on forward flex and heel lock.

The Graf Ultra G9035 skates will feature multiple stiffness levels in the quarter package material to help create an optimum fit for every player depending on their size and strength. The G9035 will also feature a 3D comfort liner, which is not only lightweight, but non absorbant as well. Fit was definitely a focus when developing these new specs, and as such, the Graf Ultra G9035 will provide great comfort, forward flex, and 3D heel lock to ensure a great fit.

Additionally, the Graf Ultra G9035 will feature a thermoplastic carbon fiber quarter package. It will also utilize V2 Surlyn technology to improve┬ádurability. It’s also interesting to note that the tongue on these skates will feature heat moldable materials as well, helping to create an optimum fit.

Beneath the boot, the G9035 will come standard with a texalite outsole, and Graf’s Ultra 5000 holder.

The Graf Ultra G9035 skates will come in both senior and junior sizes, with a variety of widths and flexes. Senior sizes will be 6-12, both full and half, while junior will be 3.5 – 5.5. Senior skates will come in narrow, regular and wide widths, and junior skates will come with only regular and wide. For senior skates, you can choose from 75, 85 and 95 flexes, while the junior skates will come in 45 and 55.

Check out pictures of the Graf Ultra G9035 below. Do you think you’ll switch brands and try out these new skates when they are released? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Graf Ultra G9035 Skates


Graf Ultra G9035 Skates


  1. I haven’t played in about a decade, but was thinking of getting back into it so I can be ready to help coach my daughter in a few years. Needless to say, my old Air-90 Megas are a little crusty at this point. I’m very interested in trying these as a replacement, though. It is so hard to find skates that fit a narrower, lower-volume foot and the fact that they offer a narrow out of the box is a lot more appealing than a custom fit for someone who hasn’t played in so long.

  2. I would be more persuaded to buy them if the didn’t have a huge, bright yellow section on them. If it was red or blue, or even all black, they would be more of an option. Beside that they look like great skates

    • I’m with you 100% on the visual and I have been on nothing but Graf for the past twelve years. I applaud new design where same is valid even though I prefer their unparalleled (Nonpareil) G7 which, along with a few other classic desiigns such as the 705 look great and for now they still make – thank god.

      The new visual is so grotesque as to beggar description. Grey, silver and yellow, what were they thinking and that horrific ttrademark logo that’s biggger than a breadbox makes me want to puke. I honestly wonder who came up with the design idea, in equal breath what “focus group” went along with same? They’ll sell but nowhere near as well had they maintained visual continuity vis-a-vis most of their other established product.

  3. Cannot wait, I play 4 times a week currently and these will be my 5th pair of graf’s.(currently wear cyberflex) I looked at the new G65 but will wait for these. I am interested given the forward flex option. it’s all about personal preference, my opponents will only see them from the back anyway!!!

  4. Can’t wait for these puppies to hit the shelves … will be my first Graf skates replacing Easton S15’s, love already the fit of the current G3s models, but no Narrow available in my size …
    + made in Calgary ­čÖé
    And I LOVE the yellow triangle …

  5. The huge Yellow on the side is a 100% DO NOT BUY sign, just like Chris mentioned. I know GRAF in the day had an awesome skate, but in reality, their new composite technologies fall way below the bar and are playing catch-up. The multiple flexes are a neat idea, but in reality, does this mean they will just fall apart quicker?

    Also, the whole point of a composite skate is to not lose any power in the flex, so having a softer flex kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

    Just my 2 cents….

    • Actually, flex (dynamic flex mind you) in a boot is an asset, not a liability. Boots have become way too stiff over the past decade whereupon for nearly everyone they do not allow appropriate biomechanical function and therefore hinder the skater. This is one of the reasons I like Graf so much as they know the importance of a softer flexing – biomechanically coordinated boot.

      Most consumers – serious skaters, players – do not know that the overwhelming majority of top league players whose skates are custom made (and free) via Bauer, CCM/Reebok are spec’d to a softer boot where available. Sure, the boot on the outside says it is the “top of the line” stiffer material unit (and to the consumer more $$$$, but no significant extra cost to the brand mfgr. so much more profit as the consumer has been brainwashed into belieeving he needs a stiffer boot – this is the game) but in fact that custom made boot is tantammount too a “lower performance” (softer) model.

      If you can’t achieve forward flex in your stroke you are hindered, period. Having to unlace one or two eyelets to compensate because the boot is so damned stiff negatively impacts lateral support.

      • You my friend know exactly what you are talking about and speak 100 percent truth. The artistry of skating has been lost in these stiff boots. I have played many many years and at a very high level. Grew up in everything leather. Once I left my graf 705s and tried these stiffer boots bauer x60s etc. I lost everything. The skate was controlling me. The best skaters are ankle skaters. You need flex to make these moves and you actually need a little lateral flex. No one could keep up with the spin moves I could create off the back of my edges down low. With the stiff boots my ankle is fused to the skate and rendered useless. Screw that, i just got me some Ultra G&s and the flex in these is amazing and very easy to control. If you want more flex just loosen the laces if you want it tighter just firm them up simple. What a skate. You need deep knee bends to be articulate with your skating and generate maximum stride and power. These new skate keep you locked like herman munster. One other thing you point out that people dont realize is that the pros as you mentioned have flex points put into the skates. Some dont even like the carbon fiber outsoles and have tpu which I prefer also.

      • So happy to hear someone else say this. I’ve been lamenting the stiffness of modern boots for some time, particularly as it affects forward flex. If you can bend your ankles forward, you can’t bend your knees. If you can’t bend your knees, you can’t really skate. Leaving laces loose or undone isn’t the answer. I considered the new Easton Makos (also built to better forward flex), but I’ve been really unhappy with the quality and durability of Easton products, so I’m hoping the new Grafs will meet that need. Never had any complaints about Graf quality.

  6. I do hockey gear reviews, and serve as a long time original member and Admin for PHEW on Facebook (Proclaimed Hockey Gear Equipment Whores) and one brand i always push to people when they ask about new skates has always been Graf.

    I’ve used Bauer, CCM, Easton and Graf. The one brand that i believe in has been Graf. I’ve now gone back to Graf hockey and i’m excited for these new skates, will i buy them? I dont know, I love my G35s and plan on going to the G75 or 709 eventually, but these i’m excited for people to try. Graf offers different fits per boot for each different person. This and the G75 are game changers to the public!

    Mr Lemieux is doing Great so far. I’m a believer.

    • Thanks for your comments. With the number of comments here, it looks like Graf has built a pretty solid following. I’ve used products from many different brands, but unfortunately I have never used a Graf product. I hope to have an opportunity to try this or another one of their skates at some point.

      Great job on PHEW by the way, glad to have you as a reader of our blog.

    • But wait….they have a yellow badge that apparently nueters a grown ass man hockey player. Seriously, I laugh when I read about these girls complaining about the aesthetics of these skates. Really? Get your head out of your sphincters boys. There is great tech here.

  7. I currently wear the ultra g-75, narrow. The fit & performance is the finest I’ve had in the 40 yrs I’ve been on the ice. It took a while to dial in the correct profile for my stride though. Proper radius, tipped forward & had the tips & tails of the blade ground off. Now these skates fly ! and turn on a dime.
    Graf boots will fit your foot, that’s a given. Make sure to spend a little extra time and be patient fine tunning the blade profile. The 5000 blade holder is a bit different than other brands.

  8. Tried these bad boys on Today at the Minnesota Let’s Play Hockey Expo. OH Yeah these things ROCK . GRAF is a culture either you like them or you don’t . These are most likely to ring a few more over to the Graf side. Yes just waiting for them to hit the shelves. Bring on the YELLOW

  9. I’ve had the same pair of grafs (supra705) for 10 years about 4 years ago I wanted to buy a new pair of skates I ended up buying bauer vapors which I used twice and hated so I went back to the 705s since then I’ve been looking for a new pair of grafs but just can’t settle on a pair that I like as much I’m interested in getting my feet in these…I will never leave graf skates simply the best

  10. I have used the g5’s a bit. They fit great, but the low cut caused me some problems with lateral stability. (came from vapors) Does anyone know, is the new flex system supposed to solve that problem? Meaning.. higher flex = more stability? Thx

    • I doubt it…. POWER SKATING LESSONS will help you with lateral instability, not the ski-boot crutch you are used to. I’ve TAUGHT power skating to the teams that I’ve coached over the years…. never ceases to amaze kids when I demonstrate the edge drills without laces in my skates.

      Graf has always been a skaters boot… promoting deep knee bend and freedom of foot movements… I may look back to Graf when I’m ready for a new pair of skates.

  11. Just got custom fitted for the new mci 9035 skates, should receive them in 6-8 weeks. Can’t wait until next season…(I presently have graf 709 skates, with custom sidas insoles)

    • How did you get fitted so early for these skates? When will you be receiving them? Any advice for someone who’d like to do the same as you?

    • go to your Graf dealer and ask for a custom fit(extra $150) The graf rep will make an appointement with you takes around 1 hour….he’ll take alot of measurement sitting standing etc foot heel ankle…then depending on the model 4-6 weeks later you should receive them.

  12. It looks like a solid skate. More appealing than past models from Graf. I’ve had a pair of Supra 735 a while back and let me tell you, these guys know skates! The only issue I had was that I kept getting blisters in the heal area. I switched the blade and runner to a Tuuk, that was a big mistake cause the guy had to drill more holes in the boot. The Cobra runner is one of the best on the market. I’d like to try these and skate with them. Does anybody know if Graf are going to do fitting and display for the new line of skates?

  13. Graf G7, best skates ever! I need to replace them and I am sad that they have been discontinued, but will definitely look at these with the hopes that they will come close to the fit, comfort and performance of my G7’s.

  14. Anybody know which is better Swiss or Canadian made Graf Skates? And which will stand up better? I heard from a Graf dealer who only sells Swiss made skates that the Swiss Graf’s ( Ultra G75’s) are hand made and much superior than the Canadian made G75’s.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Looks awesome! So want these new skates! but where can I get them from?
    I live in Sweden and play Bandy in the highest division, and have used the Graf bandy skate for many years but since it is no longer in production I switched to the bauer total one. But can’t compare it to the graf skate since I have a graf 3000 holder on the total one it does’nt work as well as I hoped.
    So I am looking to get new grafs and these look awsome!
    Please le me know where I can get them!

    best regards John

  16. I have owned up to 15 pairs of skates or more. Mostly due to wanting to try new boots. Graf is a tremendous skate if your foot fits into one of their boot series they offer! I have been in their g35,703w,703reg,707,502se and im looking to go back to graf now. Keep up the good work! Love the visual on grafs other models. I usually black the lettering out and just have the toe g.

  17. As a skate shop owner the color scheme several of you dislike has actually been quite the selling point of these skates. I myself was the first in my area to try them. They are extremely moldable and much more comfortable than my U+pros. The bright yellow does sceam. It say hey look at these. From there the conversation begins on how superior these skates and made compared to the competition. Next thing you know another happy Customer is walking out my store with a new pair, all because they saw the bright colors. And the kids love the yellow laces.

  18. The Graf’s heures have been reading about the Graf Ultra G9035. And I will be heading to try these on as soon as they are released. I skated in Bauers,CCM, Mission, and Redbox. The Graf’s I own now are the most comfortable skate I’ve ever had on. So I’m very interested to see what these new Graf’s have to offrr.

  19. I bought a pair yesterday and have skated in two games already. They are fantastic! A little expensive but well worth the price.

  20. Both my boys where in Graf skates from the time they started playing hockey at age of 5. The reason we had to stop using them was the design of the boot,the boot was to wide for my kids narrow feet and nothing felt right for either of them. They where both very disappointed at the time and hockey players at that age don’t like change if something is working. Now playing junior a would these new skates accommodate there narrow foot.,

  21. Bought the 7035’s a couple of months ago. No longer play but will say Graf skates have no rival for quality. I over probate with both feet. Right foot is horrible. I am out of skating shape due to relocation and being tied up in that.
    My biggest comment is this is my second pair of Graf’s, I will wear a custom orthotic in both boots , eventually will take them out as Graf skates with their anatomical fit will fix the probation problem.
    For now until my ankles strengthen again in will relax and have fun on these skates. BTW, even being out of skating shape I am still able to get moving quickly and do all the fundamentals of hockey skating. The stiffness of the boot makes skating better for me not worse.

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