BASE SuperNatural Stick

BASE Hockey, makers of the Savoy Special and Natural hockey sticks, are currently testing out their upcoming stick – the SuperNatural. This stick has been part of an ongoing testing program where players can sign up to be part of a special test team. Players receive the stick at a discounted price, in exchange for offering constructive feedback or a video critique. So far the reviews have been quite positive, so why don’t we do a quick rundown of what the BASE SuperNatural stick is expected to offer.

The BASE SuperNatural is going to be the company’s lightest stick yet, weighing in at roughly 445 grams for a senior stick. Weight isn’t everything though, as we are well aware, so BASE has made sure that this stick is extremely well balanced in addition to being light.

You can also expect the SuperNatural stick to have improved puck feel. According to BASE, the higher modulus graphite used in the blade will increase puck feel and also reduce distortion during your shot. They have improved blade stability as well and increased the size of the sweet spot by using perimeter weighting on the blade.

When you’re shooting with the BASE SuperNatural, you’ll notice a quicker snap and return to starting position with their low torque, low kickpoint shaft. This is going to benefit your snap and slap shots especially, and offer a quicker kick and increased shot velocity.

Durability is always a concern with sticks these days, but BASE has taken a few steps to improve that on their upcoming stick. The BASE SuperNatural will be made with Polar Fibre and an AXK5 blade – this has proven to be their most durable stick yet.

The BASE SuperNatural stick will be available in senior, intermediate and junior sizes, with flexes ranging from 120 to 50. It will also be available in all curves offered by BASE.

Prices will start at $195 for the senior stick, drop to $175 for the intermediate, and come in at $160 for the junior size. When the stick becomes available, you will be able to order it from

Until it’s released, take a look at the picture below of the new BASE SuperNatural and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Base SuperNatural Stick


BASE Super Natural Stick


  1. i was blessed enough to be one of the testers, the puck feel is out of this world i am in love majorly and i can agree with everything that WB said… iv had T1,, Widow, se16, s19,x60 and i say this is by far better than those sticks hands down no competition

  2. The stick is so nice all around (I’m a tester). It may say 445 grams but it feels like a feather, it’s remarkable. Also, the puck feel is great, it helps a ton with dekeing, shooting, and passing, along with an amazing feel on the shot. I urge anyone to buy one once they hit the shelves for the public!

  3. I’ve had two of the super naturals and they were terrible quality, the feel and the blade are ok but they break extremely easy, the only reason I got a second one was free warranty, if you compare this to and apx 2 or a stage 2 or and good stick they are a landslide better then the supernatural. DO NOT BUY THIS STICK

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