Elite Hockey Compression Long Sleeve Top

Elite Hockey Compression Long Sleeve Top Review

Several weeks ago, the folks over at Elite Hockey sent Hockey World Blog basically their entire catalogue of base layer clothing, which includes a variety of compression and loose-fit shirts, pants and shorts in several different styles. The members of Hockey World Blog split up the clothing, choosing each a top and a bottom to review. This review will cover the Elite Hockey Compression Long Sleeve Top.

Product: Compression Long Sleeve Top
Size: Large
Color: Goldenrod/Black

Design and Construction:

Elite Hockey’s long sleeve compression top offers a plain, but good looking design. The front is all black, with small Elite Hockey logo on the chest. The back of this piece provides a bit more fun, with bold yellow accents starting in the shoulder blades and running down each side.

The top is constructed using a series of materials, including polyester, spandex, and charcoal bamboo fibers. The bamboo is used to prevent bacteria and odor build up, while helping to regulate temperature.

Elite Hockey Compression Long Sleeve Top


As with any compression base layer, this particular long sleeve top offers a tight fit. It’s not overly tight where it restricts movement, but feels comfortable around the body and muscles. The compression style makes this top good for not only performance wear, but for post game of post workout recovery as well.

The compression fit also seems to help with posture as well. I find myself in a more upright position due to the tight fitting nature of compression tops, which is an added benefit.

In terms of general overall fit, the large suited me nicely. I’m about six feet tall with a long torso, and this top is long enough to be tucked in. Arm length was nice as well, providing more than enough length to hit my wrists.


The three main components I’m concerned with in a base layer are odor prevention, temperature control and moisture management. These are areas where I have run into many problems in the past. In fact, I’ve used a lot of Under Armour tech t’s and all I notice is that the smell immediately returns shortly after washing.

Hoping to really test the odor prevention, I wore this base layer for 2-3 weeks of working out and didn’t wash it. I firmly expected this to be like every other workout shirt I’ve owned and retain a terrible smell. To my surprise, however, after that much sweat there was still no real odor. Throwing this guy in your hockey bag after a game or practice and leaving it there could yield a different result, but I was happy with the odor protection compared to other products I’ve used in the past.

Temperature control was another story, however. Generally when I first put this base layer on, I was cold. Unfortunately, the compression top did little to help warm me up. Once I got moving in my workout, maybe 5-10 minutes in, my body began to naturally warm itself up. After a while, you get hot working out while wearing a long sleeve top, but the Elite compression top did little to help cool me off. When I was cold, I remained cold. When I got too warm, I remained too warm. There are compression tops designed by Under Armour and the like which are made specifically for cold weather or hot weather, but I felt as though the Elite top struggled to find its identity between the two.

Finally, my last concern was moisture management. With the amount of sweat that could build up over the course of a workout, I was definitely pleased to find the Elite top dry at the end of each workout. The material blend was definitely at work in helping to wick moisture away from my body and the top, leaving it essentially dry.

Overall Impressions:

Two out of three ain’t bad, as they say. I’m more than pleased with the Elite compression top’s ability to control odor and moisture. Putting on a dry and stank free top prior to a practice, game or workout is definitely a plus. My only area of concern is with the temperature regulation. I want to be at a comfortable temperature at all times, whether its relaxing and recovering post game, or in the middle of a high tempo game. I’m just not 100 percent certain that Elite has nailed this portion of their design yet.

At the end of the day though, Elite has delivered a solid product with the idea that its natural bamboo properties will set it apart from the competition. Coming in at $49.99 for this compression top, it is comparable to offerings from other brands and should be on the list of products you consider if you’re searching for a decent base layer.






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