Elite Hockey Compression Grip Jock Pant Review

Over the past couple weeks, we have been reviewing Elite Hockey’s lineup of base layer gear. If you liked my review of the Compression Grip Long Sleeve Top, here is my review of the accompanying pants.

Product: Compression Grip Jock Pant with Pro-Fit Cup
Size: Extra Large
Color: Goldenrod/Black

Front View
Front View

Design and Construction:

In keeping with the rest of the Elite lineup, the pants combines the bamboo material and their own exclusive PRO VENT technology. The PRO VENT technology is a more stretchable elastic material located on key points of the body (inner thigh and outside hips) to provide a more snug fit to the body. It is also designed to transfer moisture more efficiently while keeping the player’s body at a consistent temperature.

The pants also feature a built-in cup, which could come in handy should a player forget his jock strap at home. The design of the cup features hard plastic lined by a comfortable rubber liner. The cup is held in place by a pocket made of breathable, stretchable mesh material and Velcro to hold it in place. The waist band is made of elastic and keeps the pants from shifting while on the body.

For players who like to use sock tabs to hold up your socks, the pants feature two each on the front and back. I only used them twice, and they did a good job at keeping my socks in place without the need of a garter belt or tape to hold my socks up.


When wearing the pants, they provided a great fit. I wore them while playing both inline and ice hockey. I initially thought I would feel too warm while skating inline but this wasn’t the case. I felt very comfortable while wearing them and did not feel any chafing on the inside of my legs. The pants are also designed to improve blood flow and circulation. I did notice that I experienced an improvement in muscle recovery and decreased cramping compared to a pair of base layer pants I wore for many years. Having a new pair of pants with newer, better technology does make a different in the way your body feels while playing.

Earlier we talked about the gel grip that are on the pants, and with my body type they aligned perfectly with my knee and shins. The grip is the same color and material used in their compression top I previously reviewed. After several washes I did not experience any decrease in effectiveness and performance.


This was the first time I wore base layer pants with the grip feature. This was one of the features I love. Whether if I am wearing shin guards while officiating or wearing knee/thigh pads while playing in goal, the grip on the knee area is a life saver. If you have been shying away from base layer pants because they don’t have the gel grip, be sure to wear a pair that has a gel grip on the knee and shin area. This will prevent your leg guards from sliding about and constantly getting out of place.

The major negative I have with the pants is the lack of additional support for the cup. I would love to see Elite attach an elastic band on the back side of the pants to go around the leg to help keep the cup secure and in place. The first time I wore it, I couldn’t get fully comfortable with the cup in place because it would move and shift as I am skating around. It didn’t move enough to where I was concerned for my safety if I were to take a puck to the groin area, but I believe it would provide a more snug fit.

Overall Impressions:

I liked the pants. I also liked that they provided comfortable, tight compression without feeling too tight. I noticed improved blood circulation combined with compression socks I wear. I noticed the greatest area of improvement with blood circulation in my knee and thigh areas. I feel that if Elite were to make any improvements, it would be to add a pair of straps to the cup to give it a true jock strap feel. I liked the gel grip on the knee and shin areas because it prevented my equipment from sliding about while on my legs. In addition, the built-in cup provided an adequate amount of protection, but it could have been a little smaller. For those who use the sock tabs, you will love how well it keeps your sicks in place. If not, you will hardly notice them obstructing your body while skating. I would recommend these to a prospective customer if asked.

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