Reebok RibCor

Reebok RibCor Stick

Not only is CCM preparing for a new stick launch, but it looks like Reebok is coming closer to fully revealing the successor to the Reebok Ai9. More than likely slated for a late summer or fall release, their newest stick will be the Reebok RibCor stick.

While there is a still a lot to learn about the Reebok RibCor stick, the name gives us an idea of some of the technology that might be used. Some NHL players, such as Max Talbot, use or have used a stick with ribs down the bottom portion of the shaft.

Pictured below, the ribs on the Reebok RibCor stick are thought to help increase strength and stability of the ribbed area.

From the leaked images we’ve seen thus far, the Reebok RibCor stick will have a blacked out design. However, this was also the case with the original RBZ which remained all white before the retail graphics were unveiled. So later this year, the RibCor stick may come to market blacked out, but chances are it will see a few design changes before it hits retail stores.

Keep an eye out for a few NHL players to start using this stick before the end of the season. While we can’t be certain anyone will be using it just yet, they may get their hands on one for a few NHL games. In fact, Reebok has already stated that Matt Duchene has used the new RibCor stick and says its the best he’s used.

Take a look at the teaser shot below courtesy of Reebok and let us know your thoughts about the new Reebok RibCor stick. You can also see below a couple close up shots of the ribbed technology featured on a CCM stick and a Reebok 20k. Join the discussion and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Matt Duchene using the Reebok RIBCOR Stick
Matt Duchene using the Reebok RIBCOR Stick
Patrice Bergeron using the Reebok Ribcor Stick
Patrice Bergeron using the Reebok RIBCOR Stick
Reebok RibCor Stick
Reebok RibCor Stick
Reebok 20 Ribbed
Reebok 20 Ribbed
Talbot CCM Ribbed Shaft
Talbot CCM Ribbed Shaft





12 responses to “Reebok RibCor Stick”

  1. Zach Avatar

    not only would the ridges help with durabilitly i think it would help with feel and grip.

    1. Mike Avatar

      The ribs are in the bottom.

  2. nadia zelych Avatar

    the stick is stuck quiting doing meatspin

  3. Scott Avatar

    Talbot needs a ribbed stick for his tiny…


  4. Nate Faraci Avatar
    Nate Faraci

    I got a broken 20K from an AHL pre-season game last October, and it has ribs. It’s obviously pro stock but is there a chance that it isn’t a 20K and just another stick painted over?

  5. bren14 Avatar

    Yes its possible because you have to check the code though

    1. Nate Faraci Avatar
      Nate Faraci

      How would I know what stick it was via the code?

  6. Demetrius Avatar

    I used this stick at a CCM/Reebok Demo last fall and was very impressed. It outperformed the RBZ and 20K in a side by side comparison, and I’ve been waiting a long time for this announcement. It’s a great stick.

  7. Sniper Avatar

    The ribcor looks good. I loved the 20k. It provides great durability, puck feel, kick point, power, accuracy, etc. Reebok is the best stick maker in the business hands down

  8. Sam Avatar

    The RibCor is a combination of the 20k and the Ai9

  9. bobby Avatar

    I tried a demo version today and it is amazing. I’m a Bauer Apx guy but this stick was even better. Unfortunately the rep said they would not be for sale until August (and I couldn’t convince him to sell me the demo).

  10. Datsyuk13Fan Avatar

    I saw Datsyuk using this stick, and I was so excited to check it out. I’m probably gonna buy it when it comes out. It’s the stick that datsyuk used when he sniped the top left corner on Jonas Hiller. I love reebok!

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