Bauer Vapor APX2R Skates

Bauer Vapor APX2R Skates

Bauer’s much anticipated APX2 skates were officially released late last week, but those are, of course, for ice hockey players. So this leaves the roller hockey players wondering, “what’s next for us?” With Mission having released their new line last fall, the next line to receive an update would be Bauer.

Today we were sent a picture of exactly what you can expect next from Bauer & Mission in the roller hockey department. Coming later in 2013, the Bauer Vapor APX2R skates will be released.

Much of the boot construction looks the same when comparing the APX2 and APX2R skates, but beneath that, its a whole different game. With the release of the Bauer APX2R skates, Mission will be introducing the Hi-Lo Kryptonium chassis. This chassis will be the fastest and lightest chassis available, utilizing some changes to take it to the next level.

As we saw with the XR Premier skate released in the fall, Bauer has started the shift towards using Revision wheels on their skates. The APX2R skate will now feature Revision’s Variant Plus wheel, which we have used and loved.

Inline hockey players are in for an incredible skate when the Bauer APX2R is released. Expect it to hit retail stores sometime around September. Until then, check out the shot below of the Bauer APX2R roller hockey skates and let us know your thoughts in comments!

Bauer Vapor APX2R Skates
Bauer Vapor APX2R Skates





2 responses to “Bauer Vapor APX2R Skates”

  1. James Avatar

    If it stores in September, it will come out right at the end of the roller hockey season

  2. Willyyyy Avatar

    They look awesome. But, I wouldn’t trust that frame!! Mission did well with the cut outs but they’ve gone too far with it on these blades. There is hardly any of the chassis left!!! No matter what anyone says, wouldent trust the frame. Wish they where fully black. And the wheels suck.

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