AngryBrow Hockey Sweatbands

AngryBrow Hockey Sweatband

Sweating while playing hockey is, of course, very common. Often times, that sweat on your head can drip down and eventually make it into your eyes. Once it gets there, it’s not necessarily easy to get rid of and can be quite a distraction. This is something I experienced just last week playing a pick up game of roller hockey, and the sweat burned my eyes and caused problems for nearly the entire skate.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has run into this issue, because there’s a hockey specific headband out there called AngryBrow. The AngryBrow is essentially a sweatband designed for hockey helmets with cages.

According to the creators, the AngryBrow is made from a comfortable, durable, machine washable and moisture wicking material created with a hydrophilic fiber surface and a hydrophobic core. This combination is designed to move moisture away from the skin and towards outer layers, without soaking the headband.

The sweatband will easily attach to any cage on a hockey helmet. Once attached properly, the sweatband presses against your forehead and eliminates the problem of dripping sweat.

The AngryBrow hockey sweatband is currently available at the AngryBrow website for $17.99. The company has been kind enough to send us a sample to review, and we will be sure to post our thoughts on the product after testing it.

For more information, head over to Leave us your thoughts about the hockey sweatband in the comments below. Would you ever wear something like this?


  1. I like the idea of a product like this. If you leave it on your cage for extended periods of time does it cause rust to form sooner. I know if I had a thing like that on I would probably never remember to take it off and let it dry properly.

    • Usually the cage starts to get rust spots when you leave it in your bag without letting it dry. I don’t think the sweatband would cause the rust to form sooner. I regularly use one of these sweatbands and it did not cause me any rust problem. But I am careful in having all the gear, helmet included, out of the bag after every game or practice.

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