Alkali RPD Max Skates

Alkali RPD Max Skates

Alkali RPD Max Roller Hockey Skates

The summer roller hockey season is now getting into full swing, and along with that, brand new roller hockey products are now being shown off.

One of the first to showcase their new skates was Alkali Hockey. Over Memorial Day weekend, Alkali unveiled their upcoming Alkali RPD Max roller hockey skates. As you can see above, Alkali appears to have modified the construction of the quarter package, and has also improved their chassis.

The updated chassis on the Alkali RPD Max skates still uses their all 80mm wheel setup, and still features the same pitch that you may be familiar with on Alkali skates. However, with the RPD Max skates, Alkali has lowered the chassis and recessed the second wheel so it will still spin freely.

The new Alkali RPD Max skates will be available later this summer, although we’re still waiting to hear about price and other specs. For now, let us know what you think of the new RPD Max skates in the comments. Will you pick up  a pair of these skates when they’re released?





2 responses to “Alkali RPD Max Skates”

  1. Ben Avatar

    I saw some team usa players rocking these and alkalies new twig in the IIHF inline turny!

  2. Jeff Avatar

    I really like the look of these. I have not seen them yet. I have friends that saw them at tournys and they said they seem a bit heavy ?? Any feedback on the weight? Thanks

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