NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge Update

We are halfway complete with the Hockey World Blog NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge. Participants who entered are competing to win a $50 gift certificate to Pure Hockey, while the second and third place winners will each win $25 gift certificates.

There were some statistics with the entries we received:

  • Everyone picked Chicago and Pittsburgh to win their first round series.
  • The biggest upset was Ottawa beating Montreal, with only 29 percent picking them to win.
  • 21 percent picked Boston to win their second round series. 1 person has them advancing to the Stanley Cup Final.
  • Had Detroit defeated Chicago, 88 percent of brackets would have been incorrect. 4 percent of entries had the Red Wings in the Conference final.
  • In the first round, there was 1 perfect selection in the West. However there were three perfect selections in the East.
  • One person correctly picked Chicago and Los Angeles in the West final. Four entries had Pittsburgh playing Boston in the East.

Here are the standings after two rounds. A correct pick in the first round was worth one point while three points was awarded for a correct second round selection. The Conference final is worth five points while correctly picking the Stanley Cup Champion will yield you seven points. If you have any questions or disputes with your entry submission, email eddie (at) hockeyworldblog.com and include your name with your question.

Name Points
1 Nick S. 16
T2 Eddie B. 15
T2 Mike R. 15
T2 Dan N. 15
5 Bill D. 13
6 Chris D. 12
7 Tyler R 12
T8 Kurtis W. 11
T8 Matt W. 11
T8 Ron L. 11
T8 Sylvain F. 11






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