NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge Winners Announced

Many have entered, but three have won. The competition was so close that tiebreakers were used to determine the winner of this year’s Bracket Challenge. First place won a $50 gift card to Pure Hockey, while second and third places each will take home a $25 gift card. One third of the entries was correct in picking the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup. Everyone who picked Chicago also picked them to win the Cup in six games. Imagine how things would have turned out had Detroit won Game 7?

Below are the Top 3 finishers along with their point totals. Rich R. and Mike R. tied with 27 points. Both picked Chicago to win in six games, but Rich was correct in predicting the Blackhawks would score 3 goals in final game. Rich was also the only one to correctly predict a Chicago-Boston final series.

  1. (27 pts.)* Rich R.
  2. (27 pts.) Mike R.
  3. (25 pts.) Bill D.

Among the Hockey World Blog staff, Matt finished tied for fifth with 22 points. He was the only staffer to predict Chicago to win the Stanley Cup.







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