Bauer Vapor X100 LE Limited Edition Skates


Bauer Vapor X100 LE Limited Edition SkatesFans of the blacked out look in an ice hockey skate will be celebrating the upcoming release of the Bauer Vapor X100 LE skates. These limited edition skates, which are rumored to be available in January, 2014, have a stealthy all black boot with yellow accents on some of the stitching.

The Bauer Vapor X100 LE skates will, of course, carry all of the same features and technology as the standard X100 skates. The quarter package will be made of 3D lasted Curv Composite with X-Rib pattern making it rigid but responsive. Bauer is using a hydra max mesh liner inside to wick moisture away from your foot, helping to keep you dry during games.

Moving into the tongue, Bauer will be using their form fit 3 tongue, which is constructed from 52 oz. three-piece felt. Beneath the boot you’re going to have a full composite outsole, increasing responsiveness and energy transfer into the ice.

As we mentioned, these slick skates are expected to be released early next year, and our best guess is they’ll carry a price tag around $749.99.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about the new Bauer Vapor X100 LE skates. Will you pick up a pair of these guys when they’re released? Or would you rather skate in the original X100?


  1. I’m surprised they’re not making a black version of the light speed edge holders like they did for the supremes a few years ago.

  2. It´s gonna be available in october 2013, just like the One.9 Limited Edition was last year.. bauer ships it at the 8 october to my store in Sweden.

  3. I play bantam AAA and my 20k’s were basically falling apart while I was at a tournament. I went to the nearest sports store and these had just been released the day before. I chose these over the apx2’s there’s only a $50 price difference and the skates are basically the same except the x100 le’s are blacked out(which I think are nicer). Best pair of skates I’ve ever bought! So light and comfortable!

  4. I just purchased a pair to replace my old Supremes for my men’s rec. hockey league games. My local hockey shop did a great job with fitting and recommending the X100 LEs. The APX2 has a few more added features which I won’t notice or miss at my level of play. The shop baked the skates moulding the foot immediately around the boot for 5 minutes and the feel was awesome- snug in all the right places and the noticeable lightweight feel. The V shape of my foot fits the vapor line and the LE in black with yellow stitch looks great.

  5. Best skates out there for the money, had a problem with the first pair but Perani’s in Windsor took care of me. Best group of people there ever go see them…

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