CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates

Update: The new CCM RBZ roller hockey skates are now available to buy from Inline Warehouse. The RBZ skates will cost $399.99, so head over to IW to check them out now!

One of the bigger surprises for roller hockey fans this year is the upcoming release of the CCM RBZ roller hockey skates. Scheduled for release later this summer, the CCM RBZ roller hockey skates will build off of the popular, albeit currently unreleased, RBZ ice skates.

The boots on the RBZ inline skates are quite similar to that of the ice skates. The quarter package is made with the New Action Form + SpeedCore which provides advanced support for maximum speed. The quarter package is also made to be a bit stiffer than the ice boot. This is due to the increased temperatures in inline rinks. The additional stiffness will help the boot maintain its rigidity in the hotter roller hockey rinks.

The CCM RBZ roller hockey skates offer a duratex liner inside the boot. This liner creates a good balance between durability and moisture wicking. Beneath your feet you’ll have one of CCM’s custom support insoles for customized arch support. These new footbeds will not only provide additional comfort, but will help to increase energy transfer.

The RBZ inline skates will also offer a pro injected foam and felt tongue with added lace bite protection. This will provide additional comfort, protection and durability.

Outside of the boot, you’re going to find a fiberglass composite outsole to help maximize energy transfer with each stride. The outsole is complete with exhaust system as well.

Additionally, the toe cap has been redesigned on the RBZ roller hockey skates to include vents too. These will help to get air to move into the boot and assist in keeping your feet dry and cool throughout play.

Beneath the boot, you will find an all 80mm wheel setup on a stiff CNC aluminum chassis powered by Labeda. The CCM RBZ roller hockey skates will be rolling on Labeda Addiction wheels along with Labeda Swiss Lite 608 bearings.

The CCM RBZ roller hockey skates will come to a retailer near you later this summer. Check out the picture of the skates below and let us know what you think. Are you a fan of CCM’s latest high end roller hockey skate? Will you be picking a pair up when they’re released? Drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts!

CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates
CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates


  1. It looks like they are going with a narrow toe cap just like everyone else seems too. I would be picking these up quick smart if they had a boxed toe cap. They seem to be the only ones that fit my feet.

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