Warrior Covert DT1 LT Stick

Warrior Hockey has been hard at work recently as they continue to develop new products. One of their new products, set to release later this year, will be the Warrior Covert DT1 LT stick. This will be the top of the line stick in Warrior’s updated Covert line-up, and will replace the original Covert DT1 which we reviewed last year.

The new Warrior Covert DT1 LT stick will feature Warrior’s updated Dagger T2 Technology. The upgraded, next generation, uni-directional fibers used in the shaft of the DT1 LT will work to enhance the sticks super low flex and recoil.

Warrior’s Covert DT1 LT stick will use True 1 construction, instead of being fused together. This type of construction is used to help provide a lighter blade and better balanced stick. Additionally, the TwinSpar EXT structures will extend from the dagger taper into the blade. This will result in an extremely quick recoil action and also work to improve shot accuracy.

The Covert DT1 LT hockey stick will use a carbonized blade to help improve strength and prevent cracking. The blades hardcore x core will prevent compression and allow the blade to remain stable on impact when catching passes. Meanwhile, on the bottom of the blade, Warrior has used an aramid sole. These bullet proof fibers add to the blades durability by resisting continuous impact on all shots.

Warrior’s Covert DT1 LT hockey stick will also feature the diamond x grip. This is an enhanced grip texture in key grip areas on the shaft.

The senior Covert DT1 LT stick will come in both clear and grip versions. You’ll have a variety of blade patterns to choose from, and the flex options will range from 100 and 85 flex on both clear and grip, along with a 75 flex grip version of the stick. The intermediate sticks will come with a grip finish and either 70 or 55 flex. Rounding things out, the junior version will be available in grip finish with a 50 or 40 flex and the youth version in 30 flex with a clear finish.

Retail stores and online retailers will begin carrying the Warrior Covert DT1 LT stick within the next few months. Until then, check out the Warrior Covert DT1 LT stick below and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Are you excited about Warrior’s upcoming stick? Do you think you’ll pick one up when its released? Let us know!

Warrior Covert DT1 LT Stick

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