Warrior Covert DT1 ST Stick

Another exciting product from Warrior Hockey making its way to consumers, in less than a month, will be the new Warrior Covert DT1 ST stick. This stick will be part of the brand new lineup for Warrior making its way to hockey retailers shortly.

Much like the DT1 LT, the Warrior Covert DT1 ST stick will utilize Dagger T2 technology for an enhanced low kick point. However, with its ST construction, the stick will provide a lower kick point specifically for stronger players. With a higher fuse point, which comes in the lower hand area, more torsional rigidity will be created when shooting. But while the stick kicks low, it will not twist open on those harder shots taken by more powerful players.

Additionally, the Warrior DT1 ST stick will utilize TwinSpar EXT, an internal structure designed to extend from the blade further into the dagger taper. This will help to improve your shot by making the release quick as well as improving accuracy.

The blade on the Covert DT1 ST stick will feature a carbon plated surface to add additional strength and help prevent cracking. It’s also going to feature an aramid sole. These bullet proof fibers will wrap the bottom of the blade to protect it against continuous impact. The Hardcore X feature in the blade will also give it a lightweight core to help keep the blade stable.

The Diamond X Grip will also be included on the Covert DT1 ST stick. This enhanced grip texture will provide you with grip only in key areas that you need it the most.

Warrior’s Covert DT1 ST stick will be in hockey retail stores everywhere, including online, around September 12th.

For now, check out the Covert DT1 ST stick below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Warrior Covert DT1 ST Stick

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