Launch Skates Looking to Change Holders

Launch skates is introducing a new product, via their kickstarter campaign, that hopes to get consumers to swap out their holders for their new holders. These new holders harness kinetic energy and springs in order to help propel the skater faster. Check out the full press release below for details on Launch Skates.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA  –  Canadian Inventor David Blois has invented ice hockey skates, called “Launch Skates”, with high compression steel springs for a faster and a more comfortable skate, with fewer injuries for hockey players.  The Launch Skates blade holders are currently part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign running until November 29, 2013, in order to finalize the injection moulded design and start production of the spring loaded blade holders.

About Launch Skates

Launch Skates have high compression steel springs (2) mounted in the front and back of each skate blade holder allowing the blade to move up and down independently in the holder, as weight and motion are applied by the skater.

Launch Skates Kinetic energy is built up in the springs and then released with each stride as the skates are lifted off the ice, propelling the skater faster – particularly from a dead stop, on cross-overs and through turns.

The Launch blade holders look similar to traditional hockey skate blade holders and are installed the same way on skate boots, but they have the distinct benefit of housing the Launch spring propulsion and suspension system not found in any other ice skates in the world.

In addition to giving players a boost while skating, the Launch Skates suspension system is expected to reduce injuries caused by skating.  See the full report.


Significant press has already been received for this new and unique skating technology, including from Popular Science (in Top 10 for invention awards), Reuters and Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada).


To learn more about Launch Skates, please contact:
David Blois

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