Easton HSX Gloves

Easton Hockey will be launching a new pair of gloves in the near future, and you can already see them being worn by NHL players. The brand new Easton HSX gloves are not only being worn by stars in the NHL, but can also be purchased on eBay. Several pro stock pairs have been seen on eBay during recent weeks, including the Easton HSX gloves worn by Mason Raymond pictured below.

The gloves have a nice appeal to them, looking much better than the Easton Mako gloves. These gloves have a similar look to some of the older Bauer Vapor gloves, and we’re told that the HSX gloves are incredibly comfortable.

One part we’re not clear on, is whether these gloves are the same as the Easton HS9 gloves which are featured in NHL 14, or if the HSX gloves are different. They certainly look similar, and our sources tell us that the HSX will be the official name, but we will have to wait and see what comes to retail.

Check out the Easton HSX gloves below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below? Would you make the switch to Easton’s new HSX gloves?

Easton HSX Gloves


Easton HSX Gloves


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