Easton Synergy HTX Stick

It looks as though Easton Hockey will be reviving their popular Synergy name with a new line of sticks in 2014. The upcoming Easton Synergy HTX stick has started to leak online, and it has a solid look to it.

The Easton Synergy HTX stick will feature Hypertuned technology which is said to take loading and release to a new level. According to Easton, Hypertuned technology “tailors the flex of each blade specifically to the shaft flex to create a more responsive blade for every player.” So essentially, an 85 flex shaft will have a tuned blade stiffness specifically for that 85 flex shaft. Likewise, the 100 flex shaft will have a blade tuned for that, and so on.

Additionally, the Easton Synergy HTX stick will utilize Hypertoe technology. This is also used on the V9 and V9E sticks and combines a stiffer toe with a softened taper to create more force with the same load.

Easton’s new Synergy HTX stick will be available in senior, intermediate, junior and youth sizes. Senior sizes will feature 110, 100, 85 and 75 flexes, with a variety of patterns.

Check out the pictures below of the upcoming Easton Synergy HTX stick and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!Easton Synergy HTX Stick

Easton Synergy HTX Stick

Easton Synergy HTX Hockey Stick


  1. the easton hyx looks sick when do you think they will arive in fredericton and at what price also what will happen to the following lines stealth, mako, and volocity

  2. Ive already seen so many break when the pros use them on key shots maybe they just aren’t fully developed yet but something needs to be done

  3. I will be out in about 2 weeks I saw one at the easton hockey shop and the red one has no grip and the none red one has grip

  4. Just got one of these and I cut a couple inches off and inside was a sticker saying v9e shaft 85 flex
    so its just a v9e?

  5. No. It is not the v9e. The shaft is designed the same way besides the flex’s kick point. But the rest of the stick is all the same as the v9e, but just newer and better.

  6. Have owned two Easton Synergy HTX sticks in last 45 days and both have started to peel and splinter at the heel near start of shaft… Love the stick, only use Easton. Is this isolated concern?

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