Easton Mako 2 Skates

Easton Hockey will be quickly following up on their Easton Mako skates with the upcoming Easton Mako 2 skates. With an expected release in the Spring of 2014, the Easton Mako 2 skates will bring mild improvements and a new look to the skates.

As you can see below, one of the most prominent changes on the Mako 2 skates will be the outside appearance. Gone are the silver heels, silver accents, and orange accents as well. Some orange will remain on the boot, most notably on the Easton logos. The darker and meaner look on the Mako 2 skates appears to be a positive change for the Easton skates.

Many of the features from the original Mako, such as the CXN holder, asymmetrical design, and active tendon guard will all remain on the Mako 2 skates. However, Easton fans will at least get a new tongue on the Mako 2. While the changes might not be too drastic, the tongue is said to be more responsive, and will also come in white felt instead of black.

As you can see below, there are additional design enhancements throughout the skate. There will be upgraded ankle padding inside the boot, and Easton has also introduced a new moisture management footbed in the Mako 2 skates.

Check out the look of the Easton Mako 2 skates below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Would you pick up a pair of these skates when they come out?
Easton Mako II 2 Skates


  1. Ill deffinitly get these , only reason I hate the normal mako’s was because of the ugly look , they look sleek and professional

  2. Hockey players need to stop thinking about how gear looks and how they fit. I have the Makos. I’m not a fan of how flashy it was, and avoided buying them for that reason. Once I swallowed my pride and picked up a pair, I never looked back.

  3. one player in my team got this skates to day cuz his father works in a hocky shop so whene he orderd for the store he orderd on for him too.

  4. I bought the Mako’s 9 months ago, loved the fit and comfort after breaking in the high arches that all Eastons seem to have. Skating improved after changing to this skate but only skated around 100 hours and one of the boots has started to part from the blade holder. This is the 3rd pair of Easton skates that i’ve had with durability problems and won’t be buying another pair.

    • I just picked up a pair of these and I have to say they are unreal I feel so much more confident skating in them. They really do feel like you have a lot more natural movement. Would recommend these to anyone you won’t be disappointed.

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