Bauer OD1N Goal Pads

Bauer Hockey unveiled the Bauer OD1N Goal Pads today in a press event in Chicago. These new goal pads have been used recently by Henrik Lundqvist, and will be seen more in the 2014 Olympics.

The Bauer OD1N goal pads are said to reduce the weight of the pads, and will allow goalies to move quicker throughout the game, while becoming less fatigued as well.

The Bauer OD1N Goal Pad is the first goal pad to utilize an outer foam layer, creating the lightest elite-level pad ever made. In addition to its lightweight properties, the pad features fully customized rebound control tailored to the specific needs of the athlete. Measurable On-Ice Performance Benefit: By wearing the new OD1N goal pad, a goalie can move from the goal line to the top of the crease a full inch faster than when he is wearing traditional pads.  A goalie also saves more than 180 pounds of lifted weight over the course of a regulation hockey game.  Other features of the pad include:

  • More than one-third reduction in overall pad weight. The lightest elite-level pad ever created at four pounds.
  • Ability to customize rebound control by inserting different foams in strategic areas of the pad, providing custom rebound control unavailable in any other pad.
  • Outer pad shell comprised of one, seamless foam cover developed from materials never used before in goal pad construction. Traditional pads utilize an outer layer comprised of multiple parts sewn together.

Check out the Bauer OD1N goal pads below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
Bauer OD1N Goal Pads


  1. The NHL has to do some thing about the size of goalie equipment it has gotten out of hand. Goalies put these pads on the ice butterfly with the inner edges parallel to the ice and they can rest on the pads moving from goal post to goal post. Equipment was intended to protect. Either that or increase the size of the nets.

      • uhh sorry there are already regulations on goalie pads they vamt be made smaller, as ypu the. risk protection.. the most popular game in the world known as soccer to north americans but football to the rest of the world is a very low scoring game, and everyone seems to be fine with it..funny how we want more scoring from forwards at the expense of goalies. and their equipment..sorry but todays goalies are now skilled and agile, athletic and the ego of the forwards and the nhl cant stand to see their stras be held scorless.. if you want more scoring dont play with equipment choose smaller goalies, not 6 ft 8

    • The pads can’t be more then 11″ wide and the pads have to have a knee lock that 6″ from the top of the pad. It would be boring to see the games end in scors in the 20s or more.

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