Bauer OD1N Skates

Bauer OD1N Skates

In their press event today, Bauer Hockey has introduced the new Bauer OD1N skates. What do you guys think?

The skates are extremely lightweight, and can be tuned in ways to match different playing styles. Bauer eliminated over half a pound of weight in the skate. This results in players lifting over 1000 pounds less throughout the course of a game.

This weight savings comes from several places. Bauer has optimized many components of the skates. They’ve used a new carbon composite blade holder which provides the best energy transfer possible and greater feel for the ice. The flex profile of the holder can be fine tuned based on the player’s skating stride.

Keep in mind it’s likely that this product will remain something that athletes are using for the 2014 Olympics. Regardless, it’s great to see Bauer pushing themselves to create game changing products.

The Bauer OD1N skate is the lightest hockey skate ever created and features the first ever fully composite holder. Measurable On-Ice Performance Benefit: By wearing the BAUER OD1N skate, a player is not only faster, but saves more than 1,000 pounds of lifted weight over the course of a regulation hockey game. Other features of the skate include:

  • Lightest skate to ever be developed. Nearly a third less weight of previously lightest Bauer skate.
  • Customized carbon composite blade holder creates lightest possible design and increases overall energy transfer, providing players with a quicker first step.
  • Re-designed and engineered boot construction optimizes overall weight reduction.
  • Boot features lightweight CURV® Composite material for extreme reduction in weight and increased support.
  • Internal boot construction features proprietary materials never before used in skate development.

Bauer OD1N Skates

Bauer OD1N Skates

And Alexander Ovechkin’s version of the Bauer OD1N skates

Alexander Ovechkin's Bauer OD1N Skates






23 responses to “Bauer OD1N Skates”

  1. Norman graham Avatar
    Norman graham

    As a skate sharpener, I’m wondering if the designers of the OD1N skate have kept this in mind. As I far as I can tell this skate will not fit in a conventional sharpening jig.
    Have the designers collaborated with companies like Blackstone and Blade Master to come up with a jig that will be useful and cost effective?

    1. jon jon Avatar
      jon jon

      First thing I thought of too. This whole redesign insanity is just that………….. Insanity. Skates are already essentially too light, many times too stiff, increasingly less protection. So let’s up the stupidity level some more with proprietary design that does not conform to standards because, after all……….., why not, right? Oh, lest I forget, and charge ridiculous prices for all this worthless hype.

    2. Lynden Carey Avatar
      Lynden Carey

      this skate will brake once it gets hit by a puck

  2. Colin Avatar

    Y do ovie’s od1n skate say sergev or sergeev on them ?

    1. Dylan Avatar

      First of all, it says Sergey. That’s the name of Ovi’s brother who passed away when Alex was 10, Alex even has Sergey’s name stitched into his gloves.

      1. Nicholas Avatar

        That is true. He also gets it stitched on his Apx2s.

  3. kais Avatar

    this is NOT the first full composite holder made. T-blade has a full carbon holder which i have been using for over a year. Bauer stole the idea from T-blade, even the design resembles T-blades!

    1. will Avatar

      i think tblades’ holder is just a composite look. it’s just plastic like the rest of them, but it comes in black, white, carbon fiber (what i think you’re referring to), and a variety of other colors. as someone who had tblades on a poor pair of bauer’s at one point, and a pair of grafs at one point, i can also say the look is….well……not even close.

    2. Yoan Alexander Avatar
      Yoan Alexander

      Actually, Easton had the 1st composite holder back in the 1990’s

  4. Scott Avatar

    Is there a estimated release date to the public and a estimated price cheers

    1. ben Avatar

      they are not for retail, they are 1400 for teams to buy as well, you are also unable to change the blade and sharpen them!

      1. Andre Avatar

        Is it $1400 for teams to buy or that many made?

  5. Patrick Avatar

    Ugliest skates I’ve ever fucking seen and I doubt they will ever be produced for the public market! There’s many things you to do to change the game of hockey for good and bad but changing something so dractic like these skates and that one pieces body suit thing like wtf were not at a robot and computer show! People who make and produce hockey equipment should pay the game or have played the game to even have one slight input in anything!

    1. Jon Avatar

      What are you on?

    2. TE Avatar

      Yep… they’ve gotta be good because they are so ugly no one would be seen in them unless they are significantly superior. Otherwise… I’m sticking with traditional skates.

  6. CaptObvious Avatar

    Jokes aside, these skates look great for any opposing players looking for easy access to slide their stick in and trip or possibly break an ankle, or two.
    Designers shall receive an automatic 5 and GM for tripping on the safety issue.

  7. alex Avatar

    ODIN in the Russian language means ONE actually its old Scandinavians god name with one eye. SERGEY is russian name too. Seem inspired by Ovi.

  8. Austin Avatar

    I’ll they make a twig

  9. Patrick Avatar

    any news on a release date?

  10. Craig Avatar

    Wow, I’m old enough to remember the same things said when we migrated from the old steel holder in the 70s.
    If it’s good, it will be successful!

  11. JR Avatar

    Leave well enough alone. These newer type skates are useless. Impossible for a kid to break in. They give no feel and are too damn stiff

    Just give me a custom 100 again please !

  12. Yoan Avatar

    Awesome skates, however I don’t think the carbon skate holder is all carbon, looks like there’s a layer of white plastic and don’t forget! Easton had the 1st carbon holder long time ago back in the 90’s What I want to know is why Bauer is not putting out monocoque skates like evry other brand (CCM, VH-True, Verbero) etc.

  13. Lynden Carey Avatar
    Lynden Carey

    MY question is how can you switch the blades on this skate. Because once the blades get to short your going to have to switch them. On the other hand u will have a lighter skate and it looks aerodynamic. It will make you go faster but also the skate will brake.

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