CCM U+ Crazy Light Ice Hockey Pants Review

CCM’s U+ Crazy Light hockey pants are the top of the line pants currently offered from CCM. While these have been on the market for a year and a half now, and are expected to be revamped in 2014, they still have plenty of shelf life left. The good folks at CCM Hockey sent us a pair of the U+ Crazy Light hockey pants to test out, and our review of them is below.

Specs: CCM U+ Crazy Light Ice Hockey Pants

Modifications: None

Appearance and Design:

CCM U+ Crazy Light Pants

CCM’s U+ Crazy Light Pants offer a nice and simple look that you would expect from ice hockey pants. We received a black pair, which looks great with the red accents. CCM’s logo is scattered in various places throughout the pants, but is most notably featured on the left thigh.

The U+ Crazy Light Pants feature a two way fastening system in the front, including a lace up front and a nylon belt with locking closure. Our pair came stock with a red lace to tie up the front, but also included a black lace as well in case you wanted to switch it.

You’re also going to find top end materials and features on the U+ Crazy Light Pants. this includes lightweight and durable ventilated mesh, as well as as leg zips for a custom feel and U Foam for top of the line protection.

Fit and Feel:

When first putting on the U+ Crazy Light pants, they had a very stiff feel to them. Mobility seemed a bit limited because of this, and they weren’t as comfortable as the previous pants I had been wearing. After a couple of weeks though, as the pants became more broken in, the fit and feel improved tremendously.

For some reason, my expectations of these pants did not include a break in period. While I think back to it now, however, it certainly makes sense. Just like a pair of skates need to be baked or broken in, as well as gloves and other equipment, the U+ Crazy Light pants were the exact same.

Post break in, the pants have loosed up a bit and allow for much more flexibility and mobility on the ice. I no longer feel restricted by the equipment, but it has that extension of my body type feel.

Using the nylon belt allows me to loosen or tighten the pants exactly as I like them. While the lace up front is a good look, it doesn’t add much for me in terms of tightening. I have loosely tied the laces in a double knot and allowed them to just hang and kind of stay out of my way.

Durability and Protection:

CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants

With protection being the number one reason you would wear the pants, I’m pleased to say that the U+ Crazy Light pants have performed well in our review.

Due to the nature of the game, I have taken my fair share of spills to the ice and landed on my hips or backside. The protection in these guys has been good, and they’ve kept me from becoming a bruised mess. Even blocking the rare wrist shot or deflected puck with the pants has been something I could easily shrug off. It certainly helps my game knowing that I can play a bit more physical on the ice and know that my the protective pants I’m using are going to do their job for me.

In terms of durability, I’ve been using nothing but these pants for around six months now. As I mentioned before, they softened up and became more comfortable after a little break in period. Since then, however, the U+ Crazy Light pants have basically just maintained. Protection hasn’t decreased from wearing them at all, nor has any of the material used started to show signs of wear. You can tell they’ve been used, but there isn’t any discoloration or drastic signs of wear and abuse.

Overall Impressions:

I have been very pleased with my entire experience with the CCM U+ Crazy Light pants. The pants offer a good look, solid fit and mobile feel, in addition to providing great protection. If I were in need of a new pair of hockey pants, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to check these guys out in a store, or even order another pair for future use.

With that said, I think the level of hockey you play may weigh into your decision. If you’re skating in the beer leagues, these pants might even be overkill for you. My previous pants offered much less protection and I was still able to get by without much of an issue – just the occasional bruise. However, it’s also a nice feeling going out on to the ice and knowing you can play a more competitive game because you’re more protected. For a competitive hockey player working their way up, whether it’s in high school or another competitive league, these pants should suit your needs and hold up to the punishment they take.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of the CCM U+ Crazy Light pants, which retail for $169.99, head over to and check them out. You can also drop us a line in the comments and share your own review of these pants if you’ve used them!

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