CCM Tacks Skates

Update: CCM Tacks Skates are now available for pre-order! Click here to buy your pair! Skates will ship July 18th!

CCM Tacks fans rejoice! It looks like the CCM Tacks skates will be coming back to life with a new model to be released later this year.

Take a good look at the CCM Tacks skates pictured below. The picture, courtesy of Nathan MacKinnon on Twitter, shows off a very slick looking boot with a black and yellow color scheme. We can see that CCM will be utilizing their Speed Blade 4.0 holder as well as the Hyper Glide runner.

MacKinnon will be the first in the NHL to be wearing the new CCM Tacks skates. He will wear the skates tonight for the first time against the New Jersey Devils. He may soon be followed by other CCM athletes, however, as the release date approaches. Currently, the skates are projected for a Summer 2014 release date.

What are your thoughts of the brand new CCM Tacks skates? Do you think CCM has done a good job in revitalizing a model with a long history? Will you be checking out the new CCM Tacks skates in person when they are released, or even buying a pair?

CCM Tacks Skates 2014


  1. Nice, but they’d be even better without the neon yellow. Manufacturers need to stay away from the fluorescent color trend. Call me “old school” but hockey skates should be black and white. No room in ice hockey for neon colors.

  2. They look just like Rbz’s but with a different color and tacks written on the side. Is the boot like the old tacks or is it just like new ccm skates?

  3. If the skates compare to the early 80’s… count me in. If they are like the last few models, no thanks. I had 1975 – 1986 models (yes I’m old – and I still play). I am suffering each time I get on the ice, with skate I do not like. I have tried everything, but nothing fit me like the old Tacks, Super Tacks and Ultra Tacks.

    • I was excited about the new Super Tacks and was planning on waiting for them to come out and buy a pair. I am also old enough to remember the late 70’s and 80’s versions and at that time they were the last word in high quality skates. Unfortunately CCM (read Reebok) seems to have lost the plot a bit and do not product anything that resembles the quality of the old Tacks (Super and Ultra) as they once did. The Tackaberry boots revolutionised the ice skate and lead the industry for many years. Sadly not now. I have just bought a pair of Bauer Vapour X90’s and they are way superior from what I can tell by the pictures. Bauer and Graf seem to be miles ahead these days.

    • I too really miss my Tacks. I broke a foot in a construction accident and can no longer squeeze into my custom-molded 652s. I’m skating on Reebok 5Ks from several years ago and compared to my Tacks, they feel heavy and clunky, just too much boot and not enough responsiveness. How much, or how high up the line, do I need to go to get a Tack workable for a talented 54-year-old skater?

  4. Seems to me CCM are aiming at getting the younger crowd back into ccm by modernizing the tacks.
    Whilst i’m a fan of the classic looking skates (like James Snuka), seems like a good idea to get the younger generations hooked.

    I like these tacks btw!

  5. If they are anything like the Tacks of the late 90s they will be fantastic. Hope they are. it would be great if they would bring back the pump tong also.

  6. I had the 152s from 1996, then the 952’s and 1152’s from 2003. The 1152 from 2003 was the best skate I ever owned. Last me 10 years of playing about 4 hours a week. Eventually rotted out the rivets then broke the frame. If these are like the old ones, I’ll definitely buy a pair. However my fear is they just paid for the name “TACKS” and the design is poor.

    I hoping that my fears are proven wrong.

    • I did the same thing and finally wore out my Pro Racks. I too was a SuperTack/UltraTack kid in the 70s/80s. I thought I was hosed and would have to deal with discomfort until my LHS steered me toward the Bauer Nexus 1000 (now 8000). If you’re old school go try on a pair. You can get the 1000s now on clearance for a song. Old school look and feel with modern performance. A wonderful skate.

    • I also had the 1152 tacks those took a little time to break in but umbeatable once they where i hope my new tacks are as good seems like break in time is gonna be some what of an issue baked them twice

  7. The key piece of information I want to know is how are they lasted? Are they built on the last of the Pro Tack and the 1152 or are they going to be narrow like the damn Vapor APX? If they are even close to the old last they will be great but I have yet to get a comment from a CCM rep or a dealer.

    • I agree. I have a pair of 952’s that I might be on the ice in for six hours or more a day and my feet still feel fine. I can’t wear the Bauers because of their narrower boot and the fact that I get the “Bauer bump” on my heal, so hopefully these new Tacks wear like the old. If not I will be doing all that is necessary to keep my 952’s alive.

  8. My youngest son is a hell of a great skater and these skates are gonna look great on my speedster!!!

    I wore nothing but Tacks all the years I plated hockey and was very disappointed when they left the line behind.

  9. Nothing like the RBZ, thin profile, really light. Had a pair in my hands from our rep. I can’t wait to give them a try. to each his own.

    • By thin profile do you mean they fit more narrow?
      I hope so. RBZ are way too wide even D width. And my feet arent even very narrow.

  10. I currently have 2007 Pro Tacks and love the heck out of them. Finished youth hockey in ’76 wearing Super Tacks and once I got wind of the line ending I had to get the last pair .. never regretted it, not once. It will be a real hard sell getting me into these new ones. Top of the line Tacks won’t be cheap, so will be waiting for clearance specials. By then the truth will be out about them. Question, will the top of the tacks line be made in Canada, of China? It had better be Canada or no sale, regardless of reviews or clearance pricing.

  11. lose the neon!
    all black boot
    black or white laces
    black holders
    black Step Steel blades
    I’ll buy 3 pr for my twins and self. make it happen.

  12. I got to look at CCM’s chart for the fit of the Tacks skate at LHS. They said that the skate would be an “average” fit around the heel, mid portion of the foot, and the toebox. It would also be “extra stiff,” compared to the “stiff” boot in the RBZ. It wouldn’t fit like the RBZ either, so less clunky and almost fitting like the Supreme line of skates from Bauer. The employee told me that the skates were pretty sick (he tried them on), and would release by late July, but sometimes, CCM releases earlier than expected, so hopefully late June?

  13. WTH, these babies are for sale in Great Britain right now, but not in the states, or Canada? 507 pounds (~$857 USD) + shipping. ARRRGGGHHHH … jealously speechless

  14. My son was in CCM Skills camp & got to wear these Tacks ( plus all ccm gear), he’s never had new skates always his brothers handmedowns… He loved loved them!! Wants them now. We were just searching to see price but not in stores yet so its not showing price. He gets $100 off from being in skls camp.

  15. I bought a pair of Tacks in 1950 and played hockey with them until 1954. I then came to California and was public skating at a rink in Paramount, CA when the front of the skate snapped and I crashed hard; that was the end of my tacks.
    It is really a worthwhile idea to be able to bolt on a new blade, as the skates are now. If this could have been done, I would still have the old tacks. (I’m 80 years old).
    I liked the old skates better than the new skates with such thick sides. They seem much too stiff to skate in.

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