CCM RBZ Stage 2 Hockey Stick Review

The key to a good sequel is taking the weaknesses of the original and improving them while expanding on the original’s strengths. The same idea holds true for the rush of new sticks being released that are hailed as a “2” in the series instead of a brand new offering. With that “2” comes the expectation that it will use the original’s success as a building block and surpass it. For the RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick, this couldn’t be any truer.

Coming in at 430 grams, the RBZ Stage 2 is a little more than 20 grams lighter than its predecessor. The stick is a true one-piece design, like the original, but the Stage 2 provides players with a customer kick-point thanks to a constant flex profile, which changes and adapts to the location of the player’s lower shooting hand. CCM also redesigned the blade, which essentially translates into a 20 percent more efficient transfer of energy from the puck to the blade, which increases velocity.

stage 2The Stage 2 also features a revamped appearance. Using feedback from the pros, CCM painted the top of the entire stick, all the way into the blade, with a matte black finish to help create contrast when stick handling. This creates contrast between the stick and the ice, helping players keep track of the puck in their peripheral vision.

In terms of performance, one word pretty much sums up the RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick: WOW. CCM was able to engineer a stick that provides even more velocity on both slap shots and wrist shots than before.

My first wrist shot with this stick had a noticeable increase in velocity to myself as well as my goalie, who I was shooting on in practice. He commented on my first shot with the stick how quick it was. One of my teammates was so impressed with my velocity on slap shots that he asked to try the stick out. He showed up to our next game with one of his own. Those two anecdotes alone go a long way in showing how significant this stick is in creating enhanced velocity on shots. And who doesn’t want that?

One of my gripes with the original RBZ stick was the weight balance, which just felt “off” to me. I haven’t really noticed any issues with the balance of the Stage 2, and have been pleasantly surprised with my ability to stick handle. I feel confident when I have the puck on my blade with the Stage 2, which wasn’t something I always felt when I was using the original. Whether it’s the redesign of the blade or the lighter weight, the RBZ Stage 2 outperforms the original in this category as well.

The one thing that carries over from the original RBZ that I’m happy to see in the Stage 2 is its durability. I put a lot of mileage into both the original and the Stage 2, and I’m impressed with how well it’s held up. I don’t notice any significant chunks missing from the slash zone and no breaks or cracks in the blade.

Overall Impressions: CCM has done a solid job elevating the performance of the RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick over the original. They have created a stick that provides a quick release, great velocity on shots, and have done so without sacrificing durability. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, the CCM RBZ Stage 2 can definitely help you do that.

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  1. My five favourite sticks that I have tested that are currently out as of today, in order: Easton V9, CCM RBZ Stage 2, Sherwood Rekker EK15, Bauer Nexus 8000, Warrior Dynasty AX1 St.

  2. Does anyone elses blade bend just a tad is that cause of the freak channels or what just wondering? My stick still gets amazing pop though.

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