Reebok 30K KFS Gloves

Reebok 30K KFS Gloves

Reebok has redesigned their KFS gloves and are preparing for a Spring 2014 release for the new model. The new Reebok 30K KFS Gloves will offer an improved fit and increased mobility compared to the previous model.

Reebok’s 30K KFS gloves will feature an anatomical low profile and a unique two-piece glove in glove construction. This is designed to help players improve their stick handling. The 30K KFS gloves will also offer a new segmented seamless cuff which provides additional freedom and wrist mobility for executing quick shots and precision stick handling.

To break things down further, the anatomical fit on the 30K KFS gloves will allow for more natural movement of your hand. This is basically a straight fit from your fingers through to the cuff for maximum comfort, flexibility and protection. The interior portion of the glove uses Reebok’s Kinectic Fit System, or KFS. This improves the fit of the 30K KFS gloves and adds additional backhand padding as well as an air flow system to help keep your hands cooler.

The palm on the Reebok 30K KFS gloves will be constructed of pro-feel AX suede with sublimated reinforcement. This will help make for a soft, yet durable, palm.

Reebok’s 30K gloves will come in senior sizes of 13, 14 and 15 inches. It will also come in black, black/white, black/red/white, and navy/white.

As I mentioned, you can expect these gloves to hit retail store shelves sometime this spring. Check out the Reebok 30K KFS gloves below and let us know your thoughts in the comments? How do you feel about the design? Will you add these gloves to your collection?

Reebok 30K KFS Gloves





5 responses to “Reebok 30K KFS Gloves”

  1. nats19 Avatar

    copying the apx2 a little much

    1. trevor Avatar

      more like the old vapors.

  2. kyle Avatar

    Is there going to be a Reebok 30k stick?

  3. walter Avatar

    In my opinion, Reebok isn’t very good. However i do like this prouct. I’m more of a Bauer player.

  4. Rich Avatar

    Tried these on last weekend at Peranis…..had no idea they were a new model. They felt awesome….going to buy a pair this weekend!

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