CCM RBZ Hockey Pants

This spring we will see the release of CCM Hockey’s latest protective gear. Part of that release will be the brand new CCM RBZ Hockey Pants. CCM has slowly dropped the Crazy Light name and is now adopting RBZ for their protective equipment as well.

The new CCM RBZ hockey pants have a great look to them, consistent with their predecessor. They are predominantly black, with various red accents, including the laces from the lace enclosure, as well as some of the padding. They will also be available in navy at retail shops, and then in royal or red as part of the made to order colors

The CCM RBZ hockey pants will have some solid protection as well. The back protection will feature segmented high density foam to offer pro level protection that will move with you. The thigh guards on the RBZ pants will be made of Crazy Light U Foam to continue the pro level protection. The Crazy Light U Foam will also be utilized in the hip and kidney padding as well.

CCM has constructed the RBZ pants with a lightweight and durable exterior, utilizing stretch mesh where needed. The materials they’ve used are great for mobility, air circulation, and all around lightweight performance.

For those players who are still growing and will require fit adjustments, the RBZ pants are made to allow for a +1 customization on length.

Finally, CCM has continued to use the dual enclosure system. They offer not only a lacing system, but a belt enclosure as well. This allows you to tighten or loosen your pants as you see fit.

The upcoming CCM RBZ hockey pants will be available this spring in most hockey retail stores. If you’re going to scoop up a pair, we recommend you get a great deal on them from our friends at Ice Warehouse.

Check out the picture of the CCM RBZ hockey pants below and let us know what you think! Will you upgrade your pants to the latest and greatest from CCM this spring?

CCM RBZ Hockey Pants


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