Reebok 30K Skates

Reebok 30K Skates

Update: The Reebok 30k skates are now available for pre-order! Click here to grab your pair today!

Reebok will be releasing a whole new line of Pump skates this spring. Falling in line just beneath the Ribcor will be the Reebok 30K skates.

The Reebok 30k skates will have a quarter package utilizing Reebok’s Ribcor Flex +. This nylon reinforced construction will enhance support and durability, making for a great skate at the price point. The 30k skates will then use a lightweight and thermoformable epp foam core to help increase stiffness. Being heat moldable, it will also allow you to bake for a customizable fit.

Inside the boot, you’ll find a dual zone liner with duratex grip and tacky nash to enhance durability and increase heel lock. You’ll get a 7mm white felt & EVA foam tongue on the Reebok 30k skates as well. This will add to the comfort and protection of the skate.

Just beneath your boot your going to find a vented and light weight low profile carbon/glass composite outsole. This will provide additional torsional rigidity to help maximize energy transfer and provide great feel and feedback while skating. You will find the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder on the Reebok 30k skates, increasing your attack angle and improving cornering, and you’ll also get the SpeedBlade black runners. They have been treated for a longer edge life and resistance to corrosion.

Reebok’s 30k skates will also feature the Reebok Pump system. The Pump technology helps to customize the fit and feel of the skate in an effort to increase your performance and comfort levels.

The Reebok 30k skates are currently available for pre-order from Ice Warehouse. These great skates will set you back a modest $399.99. Reebok’s 30k skates offer a great value for a solid skate. Click here to check them out on IW.

Check out the pictures of the new Reebok 30k skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. Do you think you will be grabbing a pair of these nice new Reebok skates?

Reebok 30K Skates





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  1. Rickie Avatar

    Bought these and there just what I expect out of a top end skate . Very comfortable , tough and excellent too skate in

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