Carbon Sports AirBlade Hockey Stick

Carbon Sports, a company based out of the Boston area, is working on disrupting the hockey stick industry by building their own version of a hockey stick. The company partners, including an electrical engineer, a material scientist and a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry, have been testing and improving their product for the past four years. With their latest iteration, they feel that they have a quality product which is months away from going to market.

According to Carbon Sports, they have made the most revolutionary advancement in hockey stick manufacturing in the history of the sport. In fact, they are using some of the same technology that can be seen in a stealth bomber to produce their product, the AirBlade hockey stick.

Below we have the official product details straight from Carbon Sports:

The AirBlade stick has an intricate, carbon fiber compression molding process never seen before in manufacturing ice hockey sticks, which creates a multi-directional fiber orientation in the blade. This unique technology coupled with the added strength of a patented cross beam construction has eliminated the need for a core and allows Carbon Sports to perforate the blade.  This outside the box approach in blade design and construction, increase a players swing speed, creates  greater durability, and gives a player the most amazing “feel” and puck control ever seen in hockey.

  1. Scientifically proven to Increase in the velocity of a players swing speed, more power is generated due to the AirBlade’s unique perforated construction, it lets air flow freely through the blade, lessening the drag coefficient and increases the swing speed, thus maximizing the power behind every shot.
  2. Greater Durability, the AirBlade’s patented cross beam construction multi-direction fiber orientation, high modulus resin formula, virtually eliminates the breakdown of the sticks “pop” and significantly extends the life of the stick.
  3. Feel, There has never been a stick manufactured that provides this level of “feel” of the puck, it’s been described to us as an “extension of your hands.” The perforated design means, simply that there is less stick between a player and the puck, giving an amazing “feel”.
  4. The Micro-grip nubs, combined with the perforations in the blade, bite the puck, holding it on your stick during stick handing for increased puck control and shot accuracy.

The Carbon Sports AirBlade hockey Stick is no ordinary stick or copy cat technology that has been repackaged, it’s truly something new and different that has been scientifically designed to improve a player’s game. The AirBlade is available for custom ordered in 13,000 different combinations of Lie, curve, curve depth, contour, rake, shaft flex, and shaft coat.

Check out the shots below of the Carbon Sports AirBlade hockey stick. Would you buy one of these if it were on sale today? Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on this new product!

Carbon Sports AirBlade Hockey Stick

AirBlade Hockey Stick

AirBlade Hockey Stick


    • No tape required, in fact the stick has tiny nubs, that grip the puck….check out Tyler Roys Hockey Corner on face book, it looks like Tyler just used the stick and has very good things to say about it….could be the future of hockey.

  1. Does anybody have their contact information? My email to them got kicked back twice and the phone number is not the correct number.

  2. I”ve seen one but haven’t played with one. It appears very durable, and is very light. It shows a lot of promise in my opinion. I’m ready to give it a shot! It looks equally suitable for ice & street hockey.

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