True Hockey A6.0 Stick

True Temper Sports is making a strong jump in to the hockey market with their new line of hockey sticks. The premier stick in the upcoming line will be the True Hockey A6.0 stick.

With an all black look featuring blue accents, the True A6.0 stick looks great. But a good looking stick can only get you so far, so let’s take a closer look at some of the features.

The True A6.0 stick will utilize True Temper Smart Flex technology. This is a mid-flex profile for tremendous performance in all game situations. The stick will be softer in the butt section in order to increase feel and add additional leverage on wrist shots. It will also include a stiffer tip for increased stability and accuracy.

True Temper has also used their Smartply Technology in the A6.0 stick. The inner layers of the stick will be used to control torsional stiffness to give you a better feel and improved stick control. The unidirectional fibers in the shaft will be used to control stiffness and flex to protect from impact damage.

True Temper has utilized a unique manufacturing process to produce the A6.0 stick. Throughout their patented manufacturing process, they seamlessly co-mold the shaft to the blade to make a true one piece stick. This removes any unnecessary weight from tip to improve balance and increase feel. This process also allows the shaft and blade to work better together as a unit and provide great feedback to the player.

Finally, as you move into the blade, you’ll notice the True Temper Active Bond Technology II. This allows the blade to maintain it’s original stiffness levels for a longer period of time. Because of this, the blade is going to retain great feel and tremendous pop on your shots. True Temper has also incorporated a dual 100% carbon fiber rib structure. Additionally, the unique foam core used will not break resist breaking down over time.

The True A6.0 is now available at select hockey retail stores in Canada. It will soon be available in additional retail stores in the US as well.

Check out the True A6.0 hockey stick below and drop us a note with your thoughts. Would you pick up one of these new sticks from True Temper?

True A6.0 Stick


      • I have been using the a5.2 85 flex for a few months now and I am loving it. Was using the Easton Mako’s prior to that. The True definitely has a better feel to it and is really lively, great puck feel and great to shoot with. So far its held up to a decent amount of abuse as well. True sticks are available at the Master Card Centre in Toronto ON.

  1. On another site it says this is one of the lightest sticks on the market. Also, how come the pro players using true are using a 5.2 instead of an a6.0

    • The lightest stick on the market right now is the Sherwood EK-15 at 385 grams… The 6.0 is 400 grams so not much more but the pricing on the 6.0 is around $260.00 where the Sherwood EK-15 is just under $200.00.

      I love my EK-15’s but will try a 6.0 when they show up on the shelves out West.

    • The A6.0 and A5.2 are identical in technology, price, etc. The A5.2 has more of a square off shaft design offering a different feel to the A6.0. The A6.0 is considered a “shooters” stick where the A5.2 is driven towards an “all situation” type stick. It comes down to feel and some pro players have preferred the feel of the A5.2. That said, it’s a wonderfully balanced stick that at 400g will out perform. The EK15 is lighter overall but is definitely blade-heavy when you hold it, as a result, shaft breakage has been common.

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